❀Traveling To Oahu, Hawaii In 2021❀ Travel Vlog

WooHoo! HELLO! Welcome to the first of the many, HAWAII VLOGS💜 Today we’re taking a 14 hour flight from DC to Honolulu! I have SO many vlogs on the way so stay tuned❤️

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My name is Mya Guardino and I’m a 19 year old lifestyle vlogger living in Washington, D.C! My videos revolve around college, lifestyle & so much more! Make sure to follow me on instagram & tiktok to be even more connected. See you next video!


  1. Don’t come to Hawaii- we have impending lockdown coming and are running out of hospital beds. Not like you can drive to the next state! Could be disastrous for you. Local folks are tired, burnt out and angry. No Aloha to spare, kala mai.

  2. I really like watching travel vlogs because it’s better than actually going out and risking getting sick and also it’s really fun to see people make memories

  3. how/where did you rent your rental car from? i know you were doing a sit down video but in regards to your rental, how was the process?

  4. Soooo much fun im going to Hawaii in July for my birthday y’all had a very good time 😍😍😍

  5. I always love watching travel vlogs! thanks for allowing us to go on this trip with you, virtually that is haha😂😂 hope ur enjoying ur time in hawaii girl!

  6. This vlog made me realize how much I miss airports 😂 its so cute that you two get to make these memories with each other!

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