[4K] Exploring Waikiki Hawaii USA – 2021 Walking Tour & Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural Sound

Waikīkī is the tourist district of Honolulu, located between the Ala Wai Canal and the Pacific Ocean next to Diamond Head. Numerous hotels, shops, and nightlife opportunities are located along Kalākaua and Kūhiō Avenues. It is a popular location for visitors and locals alike and attracts millions of visitors every year. A majority of the hotel rooms on Oʻahu are located in Waikīkī.

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Ala Wai Canal
15:55 – Kalaimoku Street
19:15 – Kūhiō Avenue
29:45 – International Market Place
35:20 – Kalakaua Avenue
44:15 – Royal Hawaiian Center
49:05 – Waikiki Beach Access
54:00 – Kalakaua Avenue
58:00 – Waikiki Beach
1:00:35 – Kuhio Beach
1:07:35 – Waikiki Wall
1:08:45 – Kalakaua Avenue

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🎧 This video contains Binaural Audio. Please wear headphones for best immersive experience.

📅 Recording Date: April 2021

🌤️ Weather: 82°F | 🌤️ Mostly Sunny

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  1. Conhecer o Hawaii é um grande sonho meu. Tenho uma conexão com. Este lugar que não sei explicar. Moro no Brasil mas tenho certeza que im dia visitarei esse lugar incrível.

  2. Love the Ala Wai walk sequence. I used to run along the Ala Wai everyday back in the 1980's. Amazingly, it looks exactly the same. Thanks.

  3. It used to be a great place until all these homeless drug addicts and criminals took over Hawaii thanks to the democratic run State People be careful all is not what it seems on the outside

  4. Hilton is the best on Waikiki, good videos. Hawaii is my happy place just got back in July. Can’t wait to go back. It never disappoints. BUT get out of Waikiki to see the real island.

  5. 38年前に新婚旅行で行きました ワイキキビーチの前のホテルに 居てABCストアーやアラモアナショッピングセンター等に行ったな アイスを食べすぎてお腹こわしちゃったな あはははははっ 夜はクルージングディナーで食べて 海が真っ青で綺麗だったな

  6. Nosa que encanto tudo lindo sou apaixonada por Avai Nosa Deus abençoe todos 🌞🌞🌴🌴🌴🙏🙏🙏😷🥰

  7. I love to take a walk at Waikiki after breakfast at Denny's restaurant. Fresh air, peaceful, I feel so relax.
    Hawaii ( Honolulu) is a paradise (my opinion only), special for the older people to live. I been travelled lots of places, but I choose to stay at Honolulu, Hawaii.
    Thanks for you hard work. Blessing you, safety, healthily and a prosperous life.


  9. This is the best by far of all the videos we've seen it's so beautiful so clear. I feel like we're there. Mahalo x Australia. Liz x

  10. Beautiful scenery at Ala Wai canal area ,thanks again for sharing,but may I suggest that you post a video on Pearl Ridge mall in Pearl city near Pearl harbor and also the China town district area along with Aloha tower shopping plaza off of Ala Moana blvd as well Mahalo bro

  11. Damn I just got back from Waikiki a few weeks ago and miss it so much everyday. Honestly thinking about moving there!

  12. Amazing neat and clean video tour, but would like to see the native Hawaiians in these type of videos. Halfway thru the video (1:20), you could hear singing and drum beats along the route, but you never stopped to show us these things. Otherwise, very well done!

  13. I love your videos,I get set up with my cup of tea and knitting and just relax,Thankyou for all the effort you put in to doing these 🤙🏻

  14. I'm stuck in my home, reading books while playing this clip to feel Waikiki vibe
    Thanks for upload:))))wish I could visit Hawaii once in a lifetime

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