Amazing Oahu, Hawaii | Cinematic Vlog | Full Week Travel Guide Video

Hope everyone enjoyed the Oahu, Hawaii cinematic video but here is the full length vlog, so sit back and enjoy. Honestly Hawaii was so magical we didn’t stay for long and only got a taste of what Hawaii has to offer. We stayed on the Island of Oahu which is the most popular one. We will definitely be coming back to experience the the places we missed and also to visit the other islands. If you are visiting Hawaii for the first time I would recommend staying at Oahu for a relaxed yet adventure filled vacation.

Locations in the video:
Lanikai beach
Lanikai pill box
Halona beach cove
Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden
Makapu’u Lighthouse
Sunrise Shack
Spitting caves
Diamond head
China man’s hat
Waikiki beach



  1. Your drone work is amazing. I lived in Hawaii for about 3 months I don’t think I went to Oahu I was in Kona and Hilo but the scenery is breath taking in real life. No cgi or filters, it really looks like a movie set. 👍🏾

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