Beginner's guide to Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

Hawaii’s second largest island boasts pristine beaches, small towns and volcanic mountains – but there’s far more to it than mere scenery. Visit for more information about Maui.


  1. "Officially known as 'The Valley Isle.'" Uhhh… no, it's officially known as Maui. Lol. The Valley Isle is its nickname.

  2. Don’t move here!!!! Or anywhere in Hawaii for that matter.. come visit take pictures and go home. No vacancy!!!

  3. The National Park is asking that you either car pool or do not go up to Haleakala for sunrise as it is over crowded, no place to park…go there at other times of the day as it will be warmer and much less crowded. Mahalo

  4. I just made a Maui nature video which is on my channel if you would like to check it out:) Thank you and love this vid!

  5. Why do you have to show CRUELTY! I can't believe people thinks that's okay! I think this is a a good video, but you made me not want to share it with anyone!

  6. It is a bucket list place to go..I am from the east coast and it was worth the 12 hour flight i would deff love to do it again.

  7. i love Maui i wish i could move there i stayed at the hyatt and it was very nice. The only bad thing i did not get to do is the road to hana.

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