Best Places to visit in Big Island, Hawaii | HAWAII TRAVEL GUIDE

Aloha, continuing my nomad journey I spent 6 months in the Big Island of Hawaii, one of the best places to live in this beautiful world. In this video, I take you guys to show the best places to visit in the island, some of the most beautiful places in the world. Also sending love to every amazing soul I met in this beautiful island.

All trail maps, didn’t knew Alltrails listed it too

Video Details:
Intro : (0:00)
Waipio Valley : (1:08)
Waimanu Valley : (2:45)
Polulu Valley : (4:03)
Waterfalls: (5:58)
Puna/Kalpana : (7:31)
Hilo : (9:02)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park : (9:18)
Mauna Kea : (9:38)
Kailua-Kona : (10:00)
End Credits : (10:37)


  1. The photography is excellent and the narration was very nice. I enjoyed this video. I am much too old to hike to these places but hope to do a helicopter tour soon. Thank you for all the work you did in putting this video together. Hawaii Island has so much beauty many people never get to see. πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ

  2. Absolutely incredible! Great job. Also noticed you said you were hoping to return to the Puna area "sometime soon…."

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