Big Island Hawaii Travel Guide WOW! Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour & Visit

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Big Island Hawaii Travel Guide WOW! Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour & Visit

Welcome to the big Island of Hawaii. We start the second part of this hawaii travel guide in the most amazing place we have ever stayed, a Hawaiian Vacation Treehouse. If you have ever wanted to be one with nature while still having the comforts of a vacation rental this is the place. The treehouse is literally supported by the trees. Warning, once you ascend up into this peaceful shelter you will never want to go back. The treehouse takes you back to your youth again as you reside in the treetop. The owner created this with plenty of windows overlooking the ferns, trees, and foliage making constant vistas of the treetops and beautiful greenery, with a lanai that extends out from the house where you can relax and enjoy the sounds and smells of a pure hawaiian tropical rainforest. The pictures will have all of your friends and family jealous. My favorite time was at night, it was serene yet you could hear all the birds call to each other. Man, I wish I could just go back. I will link to this Treehouse with everything else I recommend below this video.

The next day we travelled to the Kona side of the Island at the Kealakekua Bay. We rented a kayak do two things. First, Travel to Captain Cooks Monument, and, more importantly. Second, to swim with wild dophins. If you watched my Oahu travel video, this was even better than swimming with the dolphins there.

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  1. Going in vacation in 2 weeks to the Big Island. I have been reading a ton. Can't wait. My daughter graduates in the spring with her Marine Biology degree. She is so jealous. I told her she gets to do this fir the rest of her life! Lucky dog.

    Cool videos. Lovely, really, but the tree house at night I kept thinking, I would be the one to get Dengue Fever. Were the mosquitoes bad? They love me. Ugh!!!

    Read this yesterday: "Lava spilling off the southeastern edge of the island of Hawaii is producing a noxious haze where it hits the seawater. Made out of hydrochloric acid, steam, and shards of volcanic glass, the gas is hazardous to anyone who breathes it." Did the tour say it was safe? I want to go if not.

    Also, did you know the dolphins come into that bay to rest? The are so incredible!

    Did you do the night snorkel with the Manta rays? We are taking the kayak group. Seems peaceful.

  2. I’ve stayed in Skye’s treehouses before and I’m thinking about planning a trip back but am a bit nervous about the eruption. Could you feel any of the 5+ earthquakes at Halemaumau when you were at the treehouse?

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