Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide (7 AMAZING Things to Do !)

After one month living on the Big Island of Hawai’i in the summer of 2017 , I provide you with this Travel Guide detailing 7 amazing things to do. There are plenty of gorgeous shots with the DJi Mavic Pro, and all of the activities were covered in travel vlogs I made (linked below). This list will help you plan your Hawaii Vacation, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the Big Island. Be sure to subscribe and leave me a comment telling me which activity was your favorite.

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Hawaii Vlogs Used in this Video:
1) Watching the LAVA FLOW at the World’s MOST ACTIVE Volcano ! (Big Island, Hawaii) –

2) FIELD TRIPS FOR SHELTER DOGS – Best Volunteer Job in Hawaii? –

3) Hawaii’s MOST Scenic Place – Horseback Riding the Waipio Valley Rim-

4) Kayaking with Dolphins in Kona, Hawaii (Without a Tour Guide !) –


6) Finding SECRET Waterfalls in Hilo, Hawaii-

7) TRYING LOCO MOCO – Hawaii’s Most Famous Food ! –

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  1. I lived on Hilo side for 3 years. Teachers cove is 1 of the ultimate spots. Or teachers ponds (or just teachers depending on who you talk to) . It's a series of waterfalls surrounded by banyan trees. The roots make a series of waterfalls & ponds. & it's not a real Long walk, but when I lived there it was a local hangout. Witch means if your white or black, or just anything besides Hawaiian you might get beet up or robbed. I went there like 50 times got jumped once, robed 3 times & once saw 2 Hawaiians fight & stab each other over some stuff they had just sold off a white family (dig cam & a purse). I know that sounds scary but in truth most areas that are not tourist traps are like that. As poverty is rife & so is meth.

  2. Definitely went on my list of selections for the 25th wedding Anniversary we have been trying to decide, and the horse back riding, the Night Market, and of course the waterfalls, we went to Hawaii for our 10th, oahu and Maui we loved Oahu, Maui was more laid back. This is definitely a contender, not to mention the observatory.

  3. Hi there! I will be in that island in a few days but we will be staying in the Volcano aerea.. I was wondering if is there any place nearby where you can do the kayaking with dolphins.. We will do the dog shelter for sure <3 I am really grateful for your video mate! 🙂

  4. You have not had real fun until you ride to rim of the valley on a 3 wheeler, or done Para sailing. Lava boat is up close and personal with Lava. Better than a hot bike ride and way closer. Big Island very cool.

  5. I’ve never heard of the animal shelter program you mentioned, what an ingenious program! plus the big island of Hawaii is amazing and you came up with new ideas for me! Even though I’ve been there four times, great video!

  6. Just here to say that approaching dolphins within 50 yards (boat) or 30 yards (swimming) is illegal and immoral. I'm sure you didn't realize this, many people are trying to make a buck off the dolphins and won't tell this to tourists. But you are endangering the lives of the dolphins when you're that close.

  7. Attention Real Americans. The Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono has called POTUS Trump a terrorist and is joining Rep. Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer in a stalemate of paying 800,000 Federal workers over the building of a border fence along our southern border, a project both Pelosi and Schumer have voted for and funded in the past. These anarchist actions by Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii should be enough evidence of her Anti-American activity to all Hawaiian's to recall her for her immoral actions in direct violation of her oath of office. She has sworn allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America. I urge all Americans to avoid Hawaii as a vacation spot until the Hawaiian people recall their fascist Senator and return to Washington DC someone more representative of their beliefs in the Constitution of the United States of America. BOYCOTT HAWAII UNTIL THEY REMOVE THEIR FASCIST SENATOR. AMERICANS SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT 22 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS IN AMERICA IS IN VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION. SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT AND BOYCOTT HAWAII!!!

  8. Stay mainland ya damn haoles. You guys come hea and no like leave. Running up our prices on everything. It’s alright you guys come and visit. Just no forget to go home. If you get relatives that moved here/lives here, drag all them back mainland

  9. I live here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Uncle Roberts is where my family lives. I love Wednesday nights there. It's a completely different world living here, rather than visiting.

  10. I love your advice about taking a dog for a walk! That's awesome.
    Another thing people can do is to transport a cat from Hawaiian shelter to the mainland US. Alaska doesn't charge for animal flight. Cats have more chances of being adopted on the mainland here. Just reach out to your local cat or dog shelter.

  11. Man, it looks amazing, would love to watch lava hitting the ocean. We spend 4 weeks in Hawaii but unfortunately didn't make it to the big island. We made a short video with material from Oahu, Kauai and Maui. Check it out if you're interested in those islands. 🙂

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