Cost Of Living In Oahu Hawaii | Our Travel Nurse Housing In Hawaii

Are you looking to know the cost of living in Oahu Hawaii? Well we have the answer for you! We moved to Hawaii for a travel nurse contract and are showing you our housing, groceries and transportation budget.






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  1. do you recommend renting a car for convenience? I am scared taking this assignment in oahu because of how expensive it is but i want to experience hawaii even if it's just 8 weeks

  2. Very informative, and FANTASTIC production quality! You guys always do such a great job! I don't think we have a trip to Hawaii in our near future, but it's always so interesting learning the costs of living in different parts of the USA. Keep up the great work guys! 👍

  3. Being from Los Angeles, these prices aren't all that shocking to us. And we agree about the sweet views of the second place. The most shocking thing is the price of rice! The coffee, too, ESPECIALLY for something as basic as Folgers. Curious though, is any of the Hawaiian coffee less expensive? Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m actually surprised that the milk prices are only $6.50 a gallon. The last time we were in Hawaii was 2001 and the milk was almost $6.00 a gallon and that’s 20 years ago. For the cost of a 9 night stay in Hawaii near the beach we can stay 9 nights at a nice all inclusive in Mexico which we like more and your food, drink, entertainment is all payed for. In Hawaii you are just getting a room and you still have to buy food and drink at insane prices ! Hawaii and Aruba remind me of each other price wise. Both islands

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