Exploring KAUAI without a Plan (Not a Hawaii Travel Guide!)

Exploring Kauai Hawaii without any plans! Luaus, scenic beaches and amazing greenery!

Watch Capt. Andy’s Napali Star Dinner Cruise Video:

Jaycation visits Kauai for the first time and roams the island discovering it’s true beauty and shakra! Find out the best Luau, waterfalls and beaches on the island! We visit Smith’s Family Garden Luau

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  1. Nice work, Jay! No plan is how we used to "holoholo" cruise as kids here. Be safe & hope you can visit the islands again soon. Aloha!

  2. Kauai !! In poipu in may love the place now I'm missing the island the People been there 2 times so far loving your video … youtrip looks like the one I took with my family October 2019 all 9 of us lol …thanks for the video!!

  3. Jay, this was the best video yet! My partner and I loved it. So awesome you got to show us not only this part of the Hawaiian island but your amazing family and your cousin’s wedding. Thanks for always sharing great content, bro! Much love and can’t wait for more amazing content.

  4. Hey, Jay, I've seen you numerous times on ActionKid's channel, and decided to subscribe to yours now, and also clicked the bell notification. Cheers!! 🙂

  5. Dont hike down the falls or go by the top of the water cause if its rain up side the water will take ur right off the falls

  6. Hey! Love the San Diego Channel you do! Could you stop by the USMC Recruit Depot and do a new video for us?? I was stationed there in early 1976, would love to see the place again if that is possible. They do have visitor days at the parade deck!

  7. Expedite this Vlogging VIP whenever he's on the move, I say. J.k. 😄 Excellent video. Especially at the beach. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing paradise, brah !

  8. are the beaches comparable to san Diego, would you consider living in Hawaii? great video now you got me wanting to go to San Diego and Hawaii.

  9. I've only been to Hawaii once: Maui for a conference, plus I gave myself a couple of days on Oahu too. But my mother lived in Hawaii in the 1930s (mainly Lanikai) and visited most of the islands. Her teenage brother climbed around in all the fighter planes at Pearl Harbor without being caught — security was terrible.

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