Flying to Hawaii during Covid-19 | Step by Step Requirements | Hawaii Travel Restrictions | May 2021

Hi guys In today’s video I’ll be sharing step by step our process to get to Hawaii during covid and all the Hawaii Restrictions. I hope this video is helpful and as always feel free to ask any questions (: please don’t forget to comment like and subscribe xoxo

Updated video I did to answer all your questions (Part 2 to this video) :

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  1. Hi thank you for the step by step. Do you submit your test results & QR code on the app of your flight when pre checking in for your flight so you can get the wrist band or do you do that while at the airport?

  2. Thanks for all this info that has me so stress. But I have a question ⁉️
    Do you also need a QR code for kids o is it just for adults? Help please

  3. i did the cvs covid test on wednesday and got my results on thurrsday. but they still havent charge me. why is that?

  4. I wanted to say how easy it was to upload our Vaccine Cards and fill out the Health Questions online. We did it in steps and this morning before checking in with Southwest I filled out our Health Questions and we have our QR Code and original Vaccine Cards. It helps to have a copy of your reservation, your ID and original Vaccine card and are ready to go. We arrive 4 hours before the flight just to avoid any stress!

  5. Just went thru travel requirements with Hawaiian AL. As long as you did everything right, they just wave you right through

  6. Really appreciate it going in 12 days and my travel agent hasn’t been helpful with all this thanks 🙏

  7. Yes, your video was extremely helpful, thank you! Can you tell me where you went and which hotel you stayed at and would you recommend it. I have never traveled to Hawaii before and I am planning a trip but I am clueless about where to go and stay. Can you help me?

  8. this video was so helpful thank you so much for posting it. my husband and I will be traveling for our honeymoon to hawaii and Im so happy I stumbled upon this video

  9. Thanks for the info! I’ve taken covid test before through Walgreens and it’s covered through my insurance. Will it still be covered to travel to Hawaii? Also, I must get tested again before traveling back correct?

  10. Hi, if my daughter who’s 11 needs a negative test result I need to schedule her online appointment at least one week prior to the actual test date? And if we’re scheduled to fly out of LAX at 11 am then that means I need to schedule her swab test around 11am Sunday online? Correct? This is so crazy!! Can I even schedule on a Sunday? It says results are 1-2 days but I don’t want to risk it so I think Sunday by 11am or sooner is best right? Please help.

  11. Can you please tell me how you received your child's test results from CVS. We are going to Hawaii but CVS only give access to mychart to adults. And how you uploaded them?

  12. Walgreens provides the test for free. Result came in less than 48 hours. Make sure do either the ID NOW or diagnostic test (PCR) as only these two types are accepted by Hawaii.

  13. For right now if you were vaccinated in the state of Hawaii you don’t need to take a test, soon they will take vaccines from anywhere.

  14. when you upload the test result what did you put for “provider” ? did you put “standard hawaii form” or “provider form” ?? i also took my test at cvs

  15. so if you're in the main land(me in illinois) you only need to upload the pre-covid test result and not a copy of vaccine card. right?

  16. Hey, we are leaving from Raleigh, NC into Phoenix, AZ with an 8 hour layover, should we try to get a text there?? 🤔 thank you!!

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