Flying to Hawaii During Covid // Step by Step Requirements// Hawaii Travel Restrictions

Just came back from Oahu, Hawaii (April 2021) and I want to share with you all the things you need to know to be able to fly into Hawaii during Covid.


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  1. Oh, wow. Your flight was from SJC? Your itinerary matches my upcoming flight entirely. lol did you have trouble getting back to the mainland when your trip was over? Did you have to take another test in prep to leave Hawaii?

  2. Great video with probably the best advice I've seen. Was among a series of trips we booked prior to covid with 20 people so couldn't cancel.

    Still wouldn't recommend going unless you're into supporting fascism ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Iโ€™m traveling from GA to Maui on a Sunday , then to Oahu on Wednesday. Will I need to take second test to get to Oahu or will my original test to get to Hawaii suffice?

  4. Husband and I have a flight to Oahu, Hawaii scheduled June 30th, in the am (on a Wednesday) from Orlando.What specific day should we get our Covid test done being that it may take 3 days and since we are traveling on a Wednesday- weekends may delay receiving our results in time. Any suggestions? We have a one stop flight with a 4 hour layover right before our final flight to Oahu, Hawaii.

  5. Hello, I am getting a lot of confusing information on how I can do inter-island travel once I arrive.

    I am travelling to Oahu from Chicago in July. But would love to go to Maui as well.

    1) Is this possible to travel to Maui from Oahu as long as I take another test ( within 72HRs) prior to flying to Maui?

    2) When returning from Maui to Oahu, do I need to do another test again?

    3) When leaving Oahu back to Chicago, is there another test needed?

    Me and my wife are both fully vaccinated but not in the state of Hawaii.

    I have looked at several links but the more I read the more I am confused. Thank you.

  6. My family will be heading to Hawaii later this month. We are going to be flying out from Illinois. Do you know if the test results need to be within 72 hours in Hawaii's time zone or the time zone I will be flying out from?

  7. Do you need to get the negative test before boarding? Iโ€™m leaving May 9th leaving at 10:55 am. I scheduled my covid test (at CVS and Walgreens just to be safe that it comes ๐Ÿ˜‚) on May 6th at 11:30am and the other at 12:45pm. Does this seem like Iโ€™m doing it correct so far in terms of timing etc? Nervous Iโ€™ll some how screw something up lol

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