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Aloooha! We will be giving away 2 VIP Tickets to a luau. Plus answering questions regarding Hawaii Travel Restrictions.
Toa Luau Best Authentic Luau | Oahu Hawaii

Waimea Valley EVERYTHING You Need To Know

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26:21 What’s a luau?
27:30 Where is Toa Luau?
28:00 Toa Luau PROS
29:07 How far in advance can you upload your card to travel safe?
29:45 Toa Luau PROS
33:33 Toa Luau CONS
35:05 Toa Luau TIPS
39:59 How to get a FREE TOA LUAU
41:29 How is Kahala Beach?
41:54 How is Chief’s Luau?
45:28 How has Toa Luau been entertaining in Waimea Valley?
47:52 Best place to snorkel on Oahu?

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Waimea Valley EVERYTHING You Need To Know

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  1. I really appreciate all of the up to the minute information. Your upbeat demeanors are also appreciated as I know this is a very difficult time for everyone, but realize Hawaii is under additional pressures. Sending aloha!

  2. Great job guys, we are currently here @ hilton vacation village and seem to find a hard time finding a luau. Even some employees we ask are "saying not sure if anything is happening due to covid" can you please refer . Thank you

  3. Not sure how Waikiki area is like but we’ve been at the Northshore for 3 nights now and so far its been amazing. The beach does get busy. Crowd of people picknicking and doing water activities by noon, so go to the beach early. Yes mask is a must when going to business establishments. Lots of delicious food. Take outs and outdoor eating seems to be the setup in most places. We went to see the sunset then ate at Heleiwa Joes for dinner, it was so good. We love it so far, and there so much to do.

  4. I'm kind of confused so if you get your 72-hour test and it shows no covid results to fly into Hawaii and you're in Hawaii for two weeks does that test cover the whole time you're there or do I have to go get another test while I'm there and another test

  5. You mentioned the Digital Smart Health Card for our cell phones. Is this an app? How do I get this? We are going to Oahu in February 2022 and we have had the Covid vaccinations.

  6. Wear N95 wash hands a lot; take vit C, ( not ascorbic acid) calcium lactate, drink lots of hot water or hot tea! I see CoVid or at work, I only sleep 4 hrs due to work which is not good, but I have not got CoVid yet. I was there in Oahu 2 wks ago. Wear n95 in the elevator places when people are close together. I ordered take out food. I ate at a big buffet at Polynesian center. I’m still negative from CoVid.

  7. Hello, in this latest video you mention having to make reservations to go to Humana Bay. I have been there in the past and no reservations were necessary to go to the beach and snorkel. Has that changed?

  8. Aloha, guys!

    Thanks for the update. You guys are much appreciated.
    My ohana's going there next week.
    By chance any word on Kualoa Ranch? We called but no word.

    Mahalo again for all that you do.

  9. #question With the health digital passport can you sit outside at a restaurant if you don’t have your vaccination? Also if we are traveling and have negative COVID test are we good to go for the inside dining?

  10. Aloha!! Keep up the great work! Your videos are so helpful and fun. We were in Oahu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village August 18th through the 25th, and had a blast. We wish we could have seen you two while we were there. We came with Aloha spirit, as you suggested and we had a WONDERFUL time! Thanks again for the great content. Stay safe!!!!

  11. We ended up canceling our trip for
    October. Too many changes too many covid numbers. So we ended up having to pay almost 3,000 to cancel. So upset. That it cost us and that we aren’t going.

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