HAWAII ADVENTURES || travel vlog

HAWAII ADVENTURES || travel vlog

welcome to hawaii vlog 4! I decided to skip days 12&13 because i didn’t get as much footage as i wanted to because we got stuck on a remote beach on a dodgy side of hawaii but i might make a story time on it so stay tuned!! In this vlog, we visited the sunrise shack and headed to Kauai, another Island in Hawaii (and the flight was only 30 minutes!!!) We got lots of açai (of course) and explored the island of Kauai! (also had a few lazy days because we needed those after Oahu, where we were extremely sleep deprived)

Hawaii vlog 5 coming very soon!

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hope you enjoyed! see you in the next vlog 🥰


  1. Lots of live from india!!🥺🥺it makes me happy that u like samosas🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️keep slaying dudeee!! ur videos are literally the best!

  2. Hawaii is a definite must, thank you for this vlog, it was very refreshing and fun!

    We have a small youtube channel & would appreciate if you could check us out!

    Best Wishes,
    The Miami Couple

  3. I loved your VLOG😍😍
    I thought about going to Hawai but ended up in going to Malasia on last vacation👍
    Your vid made me want to visit Hawai next time😍😍
    Thanks for sharing and please come watch mine too!!
    With love from Korea😘

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