Hawaii County Mayor Discusses Proposed Restrictions

Could more restrictions be reinstated on the Big Island? Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth is still awaiting approval from Governor Ige after sending a proposal last Wednesday. Among other things, the proposal would limit gatherings and bring back the pre-travel testing program. Mayor Roth joined Wake Up 2day to discuss his proposed restrictions and hospital concerns.

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  1. Needs to be RECALLED just like corrupt Ige. Neither represent locals but are tools of the Corporate Tourist Industry and big Pharma.

  2. The same people who condone taking away the rights of the UNvaccinated are the same ones that would have turned in their neighbors in the 1930’s. History repeating. Filthy evil souls.

  3. Replace the kids' desks at school with restaurant tables. That way, when they sit down, they can remove their masks. Do you understand the insanity of this COVID SCAMDEMIC yet?

  4. We do NOT comply! We will continue to stand STRONG against Tyranny! Hawaii has already lived through your FORCED tyranny. Hewa! shame on you…all of these lives on your hands Mitch! Truth will prevail

  5. We were all doing good forever, the second this vaccine was aloud for emergency use, we see a huge rise in cases and more than the very begging of this. So the manufactures were granted to aloud to use the public as their trial and error, so look at the fucken numbers, u guys are mandating a vaccine that don’t work! When vaccines were introduced to the public in history they worked. Those around people infected, that were vaccinated had no break through cases. They keep saying where masks, which of course, or get vaccinated. Well vaccinated have to wear masks, because this vaccine is shit! We don’t even know the long term effects, but I guarantee those who experience effects from this vaccine, they won’t let the public know. For those who don’t want this, do not get it. This isn’t about the shot, it’s about having the choice if they take that away today, tomorrow is going to look a lot scarier. I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard that if they make this mandate a law, they can without our consent vaccinate our children at school. Over my dead body, you think your do something to my child without my consent, then u fucked up by deciding to pick the wrong kid. These people don’t know everyone’s back round or where they come from. People will remain civil until they can’t, when they become treated uncivil. If I want to do anything to my body, I don’t need these assholes to decide for me and that’s where this whole covid mandate is going. In the beginning people said plandemic, well today where we are, I’m not sure they were wrong?

  6. “German journalist Samuel Eckert is offering a reward of 1 million dollars for those who provide irrefutable proof of the existence of Covid-19,” he writes in one of his tweets. He adds: “By proof, he means the isolation of the virus according to Koch’s postulates. To date, no one has been able to win Eckert’s challenge,” reiterating that the virus does not meet the classical requirements established since 1905. 1 million dollars is a lot's money, if there was a actual proof of the virus some one for sure would get this money.
    Where is the damn thing that they say exist???

  7. So the pandemic has been in full swing for 18 months, and during the successful slow the spread, our elected officials and public health officials did nothing to address increasing hospital ICU’s and ER’s ?

    So what happens if we get another pandemic like swine flu? Or a variant of covid that is immune to the current vaccine completely? Or a mass casualty from a natural disaster?

  8. FDA approved vaxxed is for the original og strain. Not the new school mutants. For profit pharmaceutical and hospitals are making huge bucks. If you shut down you better pay up. People got bills or I come live at the mayors house.

  9. I remember in March 2020 Facetime Fridays with my gf..we still kept in touch till we could be together. Now we can meet up at home, 4 people, vaccinated…keeping it safe to be in touch. Large gatherings are a threat right now, so why not keep it safe till you can see each other when it gets better? Remember the drive by birthdays? Cancelling proms and graduations? Get vaccinated so others are able to live safer and surer during a pandemic that's gripping the world. Look farther than your nose, check out information that you may not want to read but is TRUE. We're obviously going for herd immunity and vaccines will help us get there so we can face the next variant…or it's game over for Hawaii hospitals.

  10. “ Stay out of large gatherings” But please be sure to go to Costco, WalMart and other large shopping venues. And please, bring in all the tourists and lock down the locals!

  11. I am respectful unless some lowlife is disrespectful to me. Then I know what "Don't caste your pearls before the swine" means. I will embarrass you if you cross me because you don't have the intellect to keep up with me.

  12. Roth was complicit in the blatant theft of my son's iPhone by Hilo police while my son was cooperating with his office in the prosecution of car thieves. He deserves to be sewn in a bag with wild dogs and be tossed into Hilo Bay to paraphrase a line from the Untouchables. Scumbag POS.

  13. FYI – of all 50 states Hawaii has the second most draconian Covid "measures," next to New York. If you want to know where these idiot little dictators want Hawaii to be in 6 months, look at what's happening in New York. You will be unable to enter any restaurant, any gym, concert, or any place of business without your permanent, digital vaccine ID.

    How so many people are begging to have their freedoms erased is absolutely mind boggling.

  14. Will you lose your livelihood if there is a shutdown? It’s easy for people to clap along to shut downs when you aren’t losing your job and ability to feed your children. Corona will never ever go away period. It is here to stay, like the flu. Lockdowns will not stop covid.

  15. You can see by some of the comments that the VACCINATED have lost their damn minds. They are no longer human but mind controlled robots by the CCP. Enjoy your hell because it'll NEVER end, then you'll go to the REAL HELL.

  16. The inhibition of RNA dependent RNA polymerase by the zinc lonophore approach will stop all variants. But the communist stakeholders in this Global crime plannedemic have done EVERYTHING to suppress this information.

  17. Getting the shot only increases the chances of filling the hospitals because of the complications it causes unless people are fortunate enough to get a placebo.

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