Hawaii governor considering more restrictions, said COVID surge was ‘preventable’

Gov. David Ige said he is frustrated because he believes Hawaii’s surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations could have been avoided.

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  1. Vaccinated contract and transmit Covid as much as unvaccinated. The only people that do not pass it along are the recovered with acquired immunity. More than one scientific study now proves this. Ige cares more about his career and politics than the Hawaiian people…. OR he is ignorant.

  2. Wow..passing the buck now Gov. Ige..? Manipulate the situations at hand, refuse to take da responsibility of YOUR f***ked up decision n actions throughout dis entire covid 19 epidemic then slander the residents of Hawai’i and medical facilities plus all health staff n doctor’s..?! Hmm..are you NOT said Governor of Hawai’i that readjusted rules and regulations during Covid lockdown that “allowed” the tourists to travel n stay here..??!
    Also let’s not 4gt all students, faculty and educational facilities are to voluntarily forfeit their health n lives instead of continuing “distance learning” which You n the State of Hawaii DOE agreed(w/o the public n educators acknowledgements??!) To reopen n attend all schools in Hawai’i as of August 4th…you Sir, are the reason why Hawaii’s Covid-19 illness n death rates are rising??! Governor Ige, Your da jackass whom agreed, came up with it n signed those documents to welcome tourism back🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤬🤯😱🤨😖

  3. Ige is so fucked up that he shut down unemployment office with about 6 workers because the numbers were getting high but yet allows schools to be open with thousands of students!! How’s that for brains

  4. He is a hypocrite. Closing the barn door after the horses escape. He should have restricted tourism. Now it's out of control and so are our cases of covid. Tourists bring it and leave the islands testing positive when they get back to the mainland. We NEVER see those numbers. They don't exist in his mind. It's all local spread according to him. $$tourism reigns. He's done nothing but blame locals. We cannot even get tested easily. Where are our tests?

  5. We were supposed to get this under control on our part but the Government opened up the gates and allows visitors in ,in crazy high numbers !!! We get deemed and tourist gets the red carpet so the fault is not all with us tax payers here the fault is also with the Government stop pointing fingers and accept the blame you all knew the percentage rate of all vaccinated why open the gates with cheap fares !! Knowing that Social distancing was going to be impossible anywhere you go if you can’t take control of the problem you shouldn’t have allowed the visitors to come in crazy numbers and put them in our faces rather we liked it or not they were here !!!! And now you blame us ???? What a joke !!

  6. 90% of all Hawaii hospitalizations are unvaccinated individuals. 55%+ of the population is fully vaccinated. 45% of the population represents 90% of hospitalizations, why are we still having this conversation…Facebook misinformation junkies is my best guess…

  7. When you realize the government can do anything they want to people you don't like, then be prepared when a NEW Government (coming very soon) will do the same things to YOU. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. You're just a useful idiot to them!

  8. He is absolutely on the right track. I feel for any Governor right now who has to choose between good public health policy and getting re elected. We go every year and we have a life there,
    but we will not go, vaccinated or not (and we are,) until this pandemic is better controlled than it is. It should have never been politicized any more than the polio vaccine was or the flu shots or smallpox for that matter. It's public health and safety, which is science and not politics. btw: we aren't doing much over here either, but we are saving our money and when we can
    return to Hawaii, we'll be bringing that money to spend there. Stay well everyone. Oakland, Ca 2021

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