Hawaii Inter-Island Travel Tips | Island Hopping Maui to Kauai During Coronavirus, July 2020

We packed up our toddler and our dog for a vacation to #Kauai! But since Hawaii inter-island travel opened on June 16th, island hopping hasn’t been the same with the coronavirus health requirements.

We show you our experience flying from Maui’s Kahului Airport to Kauai’s Lihue Airport on Southwest Airlines during the coronavirus pandemic. We had a layover at Honolulu Airport because there are just not a lot of direct flights (low-demand) right now.

We hope you can book your Hawaii inter-island ticket with more confidence knowing what to expect when you do some Hawaii island hopping with kids or your partner or maybe just yourself because a solo trip is great. We felt very safe traveling through the Hawaii airports and on Southwest Airlines.

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09:45 mins What to pack for Kauai!

Mahalo for watching our #Hawaii family #travelvlog.

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