1. Might as well make it go to 10 shots while you're at it, this isn't going to end. Until this communist Governor leaves office, he and his comrades will never let go of their power. Wake up Hawaii!!

  2. Hawaii residents are the most gullible flock of stupid sheeple ever, no wonder their land was taken without even a fight, weaklings

  3. In the per curiam ( unanimous agreement ) opinion, the Supreme Court stated that the challengers to the OSHA emergency temporary standard “to vaccination are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim that the Secretary of Labor lacked authority to impose the mandate.” The Supreme Court further held that the OSHA emergency temporary standard is not authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

  4. Adding an additional data collection entry for another booster to a web site already up and running and already collecting data on Covid vaccines would take a programmer less than an hour. However the Governor can justify a delay and large expenditure of state revenues by complaining he knows nothing about programming.

  5. Thank you Daddy Kirmet Da Frog Ige for letting us know we are too stupid to travel without your guidance.

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