Hawaii requires 72-hour pre-Covid-19 test for travelers

Hawaii required all new travelers to quarantine for 14-days when arriving. Now, it’s changing the rules to require a pre-Covid test 72 hours before travelers arrive to the state as well as another rapid Covid test when they get there. Jane Wells, CNBC correspondent, joins Shep Smith to discuss. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

United Airlines will offer some Hawaii-bound customers rapid-response coronavirus tests at the airport, an effort to get around quarantine requirements and eventually, open up more destinations to travelers during the pandemic.

United is the first U.S. airline to offer a Covid-19 testing program. Passengers booked from United’s San Francisco hub to Hawaii, one of its most popular destinations, will have that option starting Oct. 15, the airline said Thursday. The date is when Hawaii is scheduled to lift a two-week quarantine requirement on arriving travelers as long as they test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours of their departure. Passengers will be responsible for payment. Firm pricing is still in the works but the tests will at first cost $250.

The nasal swab tests could later provide an opening for passengers to enter regions that are currently off-limits because of coronavirus concerns. Global airlines this week urged government officials around the world to consider Covid-19 testing for passengers before international flights as an alternative to blanket travel bans that have driven down passenger traffic.

“We are very interested in opening this up to other destinations,” Janet Lamkin, United’s California president, told CNBC.

The results of the molecular tests, which will be administered by GoHealth Urgent Care and Dignity Health, take about 15 minutes. The tests will be conducted in the international terminal, a site the airport announced last month that at first was for airport employees.

United and Delta Air Lines have rolled out rapid coronavirus tests for their crew members.

The tests at the airport will be conducted prior to security checkpoints. Travelers who test positive for Covid-19 won’t be allowed to fly.

United’s Hawaii customers from San Francisco can also opt for an $80 mail-in test, offered by Color, which would be conducted at home.

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  1. How does Hawaii get away with doing this if it’s a US state?? SMH
    This is the only state with this requirement…. It should be challenged

  2. Anyone know besides Costco that has saliva test kits available for people traveling from California to hwaiii ? The Costco one is only for those traveling Thursday through Sunday and I would need to leave on a Wednesday. (If I really decide to go )

  3. If you did not attend college and made it into Hawaii without quarantine, know that many others with doctorate degrees did not.

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  5. Results are taking forever. We won’t be flying if we don’t have the results before we go. So much for trusted partners. Do yourself a favor and don’t book through “Hawaiian Airlines”..do like United or something so you can at least use your $$$ to go to some other great vacay destination like Florida, San Antonio, etc… Hawaii is just not worth the trouble.

  6. i got my covid19 testing on tuesday and waiting for my result by friday and im traveling on friday to pakistan from canada and am i good is that how it works now i wont have any problems at the airport please help me😢

  7. Making people pay for a mandatory covid test to travel to Hawaii is not going to last long. Especially if they have to take another test on arrival if they test positive before arriving. And if they still have to be quarantined for two weeks, they are not going to be happy campers. #smh

  8. Well at least they're putting out for some sort of a test before you fly to their island. And there should be written evidence that this test was taken and there's no proof that you have this virus before you get on a flight going to this place

  9. “Who clicked on the video and came straight to comments?😂”

    (OMG CNBC thanks for commenting on my new video)❤️

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