Hawaii residents excited over new coronavirus travel rules

Inter-island travel will be much easier for vaccinated Hawaii residents starting on Tuesday, May 11. KHON2 spoke with several residents who are excited about the change.


  1. Hawaii needs to be doing much more to ease restrictions for people that have been vaccinated. The state is still treating vaccinated visitors like everyone else. That is counter productive to attracting possible tourists to visit the state. While also not giving a nice incentive for those holding back on getting jabbed. Either the vaccine works, or it doesn't. You can't have it both ways, which is what HI seems to be trying to do. And no, the exception for random testing checks after arrival isn't good enough. Not to mention those that already got the wuhan lab experiment and have better anti-bodies than if they got the jab itself. I won't be heading over there until they get rid of these onerous requirements. The NAAT testing and the 3 day window are the main annoyances here because they are not free and can easily be delayed which can screw over people's plans. I am glad they finally stepped up and respected their residents right of travel between islands, now they need to extend that to the rest of the country.

  2. Hawaii health department is lying to hide the numbers. My coworker got covid in Hawaii and they interviewed her over the phone. The interviewer changed almost all the answers to “Subject refused to answer”. If you actually cared about truth, why not audit those interview records and see how many “Subject refused to answer” responses there are. Hawaii is a third world, don’t ever forget that!


  4. Before and during the pandemic, I've been flying interisland once or twice a week. The paperwork really is humbug for the frequent travelers. Should be less or easier for kama'aina.

  5. IGE is a communist & so is the Hawaii government! Stay away from Hawaii plenty of places to vacation on the mainland that are free of masks distancing & everything is open! As long as the Gestapo government of Hawaii is in power just vacation elsewhere.

  6. Ill be excited when anyone can move from island to island or the world for that matter with a simple test. What a joke this is after a year, wearing a muzzle and being locked up because you were around some one with a false positive,99.9% dont even know they got it, and if you get sick you can be sure its covid because no other disease exists, wheres the flu in 2020 and influenza? On vacation in hawaii? You want to get people excited? Bring back common sense.

  7. Humans are so easily control and easily lied to than convince them otherwise, unbelievable that the only viable solution to our health is through an experimental vaccines that has not been fully licensed approved by the FDA. However, through Congressional laws passed the experimental vaccines is granted to use on humans as an Emergency Use of Authorization and you signed your life away on the form that if any harm from the vaccines these vaccines developer’s are immune from lawsuits or any legal matters. Whatever happens to supporting our innate immune systems that God created in us. The use of natural remedies, vitamins, good nutritional, exercise, good sunlight and good mind and spiritual guidance. There must be a balance between body, mind and soul for an optimal health. Experimental vaccines is NOT the only viable solution to our health. We need to do our homework and research and verify these things before injecting an experimental vaccines to your body. You live in fear you will be easily control.

  8. So for convenience you practically gotta commit suicide and take the snake bite? I don’t know if people understand what’s really going on here? I mean if you look into how Hitler controlled people, their using the same techniques!!! This Viper will shut your natural defenses down and when you get sick, your on your own? The viper only protects you from the mildew that’s why they protected themselves these big pharmas in case you get sick or die, you on your own!!

  9. Been vaccinated longer than anyone. It was worth the risk taking the vaccine. I have seen and I have taken care of covid patients , believe me it’s no joke. 9 months since I’ve been vaccinated, I am still healthy.

  10. It seems as if we are to be punished if we haven't been able to get vaccinated, have not done so because of religious beliefs or have health reasons why we cannot, or simply choose not to. Even if we follow all of the CDC guidelines to protect ourselves and fellow travelers, things that we have been told work to not transmit the virus, it doesn't matter. It seems that being forced to submit to this unproven vaccine regardless of possible side effects is the only thing "They" will be satisfied with. Forced to have something done to our bodies without our consent. Sounds familiar. Look at history folks.

  11. I'm not quite sure people are aware of what they are injecting into their bodies. As a previous viewer commented, " Let see how they feel in 1-2 years".

  12. We are living in a matrix, welcome on board New York and Hawaii for mandatory vax’s . The masks have been linked to people’s chronic coughing. We still do not know what type of chronic diseases the vax will bring on. Why is Hawaii a guinea pig state?

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