Hawaii Safe Travels Update (January 2022 Rule Changes)

****UPDATE: The Safe Travels program will end after March 25, 2022****

in January 2022 the state of Hawaii updated their Safe Travels Program requirements and here is a quick update. Below are links to resources with further information.

00:00 Hawaii Safe Travels 2022

State of Hawaii Portal

Go Hawaii

Maui County Update

USA Today Article

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  1. The safe travels program is 💩
    I’m a long time resident on big island and they let vaccinated people come in without any test for over a year and many were break through cases and immediately spread covid to everyone they contact. It’s a bit late to start modifying their stupid travel program now that everywhere else is stopping all mandates. The politicians in Hawaii only care about stealing tax dollars and voting themselves into financial situations that are beneficial for themselves and their cronies.
    Aloha to all the responsible tourist and visitors koiku and mahalo pono a hui ho

  2. Hi!! Thanks for the video. I am from Argentina and in March I am going to Hawaii. To be able to take the plane I have to be fully vaccinated and submit a negative test within 1 day. My question is if in addition to that I must complete the Safe Travel Program or if I can enter without any problem because it is an international flight. (the flight makes a stopover in LA for 2 hours). Thanks!

  3. Hi, this was super helpful! Question for you 🙂 Do you know how it works if you are not yet eligible for the booster? My fiancé and I had our second shot about 3.5 months ago, so would they still consider us fully vaccinated without the booster since we haven't reached the 5-6 month mark? Thanks!

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