Hawaii says 'Aloha' to interisland travel restrictions June 15th

Beginning June 15th all quarantine and testing rules for neighbor island travel will be dropped. And fewer travel restrictions are coming for Hawaii residents who are fully vaccinated against COVID are also coming soon.


  1. Finally. Been stuck in hawaii forever. Yo why do I not need a negative test to the mainland. What if that is my final destination. Do I need negative test?

  2. Aloha to Interisland travel restrictions….and hello to outbreak #3 soon after. Mainly because of incoming tourism.

  3. Only for Vaccinated people again forced Vaccinations so whose benefitting not you or me just Big Pharma

  4. So just remember:
    The vaccines gotta be:
    not too sweet.
    Not too rancid.
    But just right-a!

  5. Part of being an American citizen and the agreement between the states is freedom of movement within the US. These dictates are illegal unconstitutional. But who's counting.

  6. it is against the NUREMBERG COEDE (google) to force any citizen into taking experimental drugs. READ THE FIND PRINT with these travel restrictions!! YOU do not need to take the experimental vax.

    look up:

    Brand new tube..watch their vid: We wont be silenced (doctors from around the world speaking out against these mRNA experimetental vx)

    Stop world control…look at their vid: Dr Simone Gold (she is explaning why they are dangerous)

    look up: Tim truth, hugo talks, sites

    look up y t chan: World economic forum = this IS the evil elites true agenda with these experimental vax. This IS the evil elites y t chan.

    look up you tube chan: Hugo talks some more yet again and also A call for an uprising

    look up GREAT RESET = this IS the evil elites true agenda with corona experimenatl vax

    Get educated your life depends on it. Please pass this info on to everyone you know.

  7. Yeah, let's keep pretending that this "virus," with a 99% survival rate, like the flu, is the equivalent of leprosy.

  8. Sounds like fewer travelers are granted a basic right for injecting a foreign substance into their perfectly healthy bodies. If people think this is okay we are done for lol.

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