Hawaii to allow fully vaccinated mainland travelers to bypass pre-travel test and quarantine rules i

Gov. David Ige announced major changes on Thursday to the state’s emergency rules on travel and social gatherings. With Hawaii expected to reach a 60% fully vaccinated rate by July 8, the governor believes restrictions currently in place may be relaxed.


  1. worst fn state ever, he has actually not even given 1 more freedom, he is just providing peanuts and acting like he is giving us everything, and we dont invite people to this state, its a state, they can come and go as they please. the monarch has long been over. follow NY path.

  2. so the reason we keep restrictions is to protect those who don't want to get vaccinated? To me is seems the only reason to hold off to 70% is for a bullet point on Ige's resume. govt is to protect our freedoms, not protect us from our own choices.

  3. I may have missed it….but, I believe during this entire telecast, I have not heard any public acknowledgement & thanks to Lt. Governor Josh Green. He has been the TRUE leader and champion for all of us…forcefully, yet with compassion & empathy. Please let's ALL say a huge MAHALO NUI LOA to Lt. Governor Josh Green!!!!!!!

  4. Our community is healthy and safe.

    Did any health care personnel die from caring for those who did die from C-19 (prevaccination) in all hospitals in Hawaii? Mind you, they had one on one contact with those who were "infected". Any data from that?

    A.g.e.n.d.a. 2.1.
    E.v.e.n.t. 2.0.1.

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