Hawaii Travel Diary: Maui and The Big Island

this was a vacation I was fortunate enough to take with my family before coronavirus craziness started. I went for Christmas and New Years, so I got to spend the holidays in a tropical paradise! I loved swimming with the turtles and fish, hiking, and discovering waterfalls. I loved the sun, and most of all I loved being with my loved ones during such a breath-taking and beautiful experience. I can’t wait to one day explore the other islands, and to also travel all the around the world! Subscribe to me if you would like to see more travel vlogs in the future 🙂

SNAPCHAT: rylie-martin

What do you use to edit? iMovie
What Laptop do you have? MacPro 13
What camera do you use? Canon rebel T6i
How old are you? 18
Why are you always wearing the same clothes? I film multiple videos a day and spread out when I upload them.
Can we collab? Right now I am only accepting collabs from people with about the same amount of subscribers as me or more.
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