Hawaii Travel Guide: Best Places, Things to Do & More Vacation Ideas

Want to Explore Hawaii? Check the Hawaii travel guide and explore the beauty of Hawaiian Island. Know things to do, the best places to visit, and a lot more about the Hawaii vacation.

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Hawaii Travel Guide: Vacation and More Travel Tips

This Hawaii travel guide will get you all the information about Hawaii. Hawaii is a state in the western United States, located in the Pacific Ocean about 2,000 miles from the United States mainland. It is the only state in the tropics, the only state outside of North America, and the only state made up of islands. The Pacific archipelago of Hawaii is a popular travel destination for a reason: azure oceans, powder-white beaches, volcanic peaks, indigenous animals, and rich traditional culture.

Topmost 10 attractive places to visit in Hawaii

1. Na Pali Coast.
2. Molokini Crater
3. Mauna Kea Summit & Observatory
4. Pearl Harbor National Memorial
5. Road to Hana (Hana Highway)
6. USS Arizona Memorial
7. Diamond Head
8. Waikiki Beach
9. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
10. Kealakekua Bay.

What is the weather in Hawaii like?

The weather in Hawaii is warm all year, with daytime high temperatures ranging from 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the “colder” months to 88 degrees Fahrenheit in the “hotter” months. Because of its close to the equator, Hawaii’s weather is tropically warm and steady all year. In Hawaii, flowers are continually in bloom.

The coldest months are typically December, January, and February, while the warmest months are July, August, and September. Flights to Hawaii are the cheapest in this season.

Things to do in Hawaii: Explore Hawaii

**Jack Harter Helicopters**

Jack Harter Helicopters are an absolute must! Seventy percent of beautiful Kauai is unreachable by foot; the only way to see it all is by helicopter, and flying with the doors off allows you unimpeded vistas. Guests are surrounded by breathtaking scenery, which includes the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, Mount Waialeale, and Jurassic Falls.

**Sunrise Lava Tour**

A stunning guided hike to observe active lava flows is offered by Epic Lava Tours. Guests begin their journey within Volcanoes National Park, where they get up close and personal with new lava, watch the sunrise, and tour lesser-known regions of the rainforest park. Snacks, drinks, and rain ponchos will be available.

**Molokini Express, Adventure Snorkeling**

Blue Water Rafting provides one of the more cheap and shorter snorkeling trips from Maui to the clear waters near Molokini, a volcanic crater and seabird sanctuary. The inflatable rafts are compact and maneuverable, allowing them to get close to cliffs. This is fantastic snorkeling in places where larger boats can’t go, with tropical fish aplenty and over an hour in the water.

**Nighttime Paddleboard under Fireworks**

Guided explorations of the coral off the coast of Waikiki Beach are available through Nocturnal Adventures Hawaii. The bottoms of paddleboards are fitted with glowing lights, which illuminate the fauna underneath the water’s surface.

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