HAWAII Travel Guide: Lanikai Beach & Pillbox Hike!

Looking to hire a car and spend a day out of Waikiki? If in search for beautiful sceneries and lovely beaches, I got you covered! Let me tell you why Lanikai Pillbox Hike and Lanikai Beach should be at the top of your list!

There are many beautiful hiking trails in Hawaii, but Lanikai Pillboxes is by far my favourite! This should be a must do while in the beautiful island of Oahu! Why? The trek is fairly easy, yet it offers Oahu’s finest scenery! It’s short and sweet with rewarding views!

We went to a dip at the Lanikai beach as well!! “Lanikai” means heavenly sea! TripAdvisor has once ranked it as the Best Beach in the US! I say this has to be one of the best beaches in the whole wide world! It has once been a well-kept secret but now shared with locals and tourists alike! Powder soft white sand, peaceful jade green water, just paradise! I didn’t want to leave that day. I had so much fun in the water!

You’ll also see me having shave ice in Matsumoto on this video! After hearing everyone rave about Matsumoto’s, I decided to check it out. Sure, it’s a tourist trap but straight up delicious shave ice! No large chunks just total smoothness that melts in your mouth! Shave ice is a big thing in Hawaii and while you’re here it is a must try! There are so many syrup flavours to choose from but Stanley, the owner of Matsumoto’s highly recommends: Peach, lilikoi and guava! Hawaiian rainbow is also one of the best sellers! Don’t forget to add toppings for that pure shave ice bliss!

Curious where i got my poke bowl? It was from Hibachi! Poke is Hawaii’s favourite food and I wanted to know why! As a poke newbie, I tried many different poke places in Oahu and Hibachi is by far the best! They sell real fresh poke bowls at a very affordable price! After sampling on multiple types and flavours, I ordered, Ginger Shoyu Salmon Poke! Oh man, it was darn tasty! Grab one for yourself and enjoy it at the beach! NOM!

What’s your favourite holiday activity in Hawaii?
Also, Let me know your thoughts about this day trip!
I’m happy to answer any of your questions in the comments!
Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

The Travel Belle


  1. Sunrise looked amazing! The views from the top of pillbox hike are gorgeous. I miss Hawaii. Definitely gotta go back soon.

  2. I like the editing and the music!! It’s so sweet how you complimented that girl, it reminds me I need to compliment people more often 💕 such a fun vlog!!! 🥰

  3. Love your energy as always. Beautiful view and great hike! Have always wanted to visit there and spend some time. It’s on the top of the list! Great time lapses! Fun video!

  4. This had some of my favourite things in it, hiking, beautiful beaches and views and WW2 remnants. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful place. The beach, the mountains are nice to visit.
    That was a lot of fun for you guys.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Gorgeous views – totally make the climb worthwhile. Really brilliant editing of the video by the way.

  7. You have captured some amazing footage. Think you have created some amazing memories as well. Keep safe and keep filming 🙏👍🎥

  8. You're so energetic. This is such a great place to enjoy the sunrise. Love that time lapses. The water is so fresh and clean!

  9. Such a beautiful please, hopefully one day we will be able to visit.
    Thank you for sharing.

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