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Touring the islands of Hawaii has been the ultimate adventure. We’ve experienced the best hotels and resorts of O’ahu, the Big Island, and our final destination of Maui. We’ve also worked up a sweat with top excursions, such as UTV-ing around national parks, hiking volcanoes, and an awe-inspiring Maverick helicopter tour. Finally, in Maui, at the Fairmont Kea Lani, we get to enjoy some R&R throughout their sprawling pools, lagoons, and water slides, while hearing a bit about the epic property. Once I got back in my Jeep and made way to get picked up my Maverick Helicopters, things got really interesting. I was able to hear from legendary locals about Maui’s unique history, plant life, and why people come back year after year — or just never leave. Mahalo, Hawaii!

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  1. Appreciated the video, was there in January and your right, coming back to the mainland you look at things differently, especially in Jersey you know born and raised in Paterson now Totowa close to your town.
    Can’t wait to get back to feel that love and spirit of Maui. Mahalo my brother.

  2. Dude I loved mamas fish house. That stuffed papaya was the best. Great vid. And you are right. Maui is life changing. It was for me. I’m grateful I got to go there.

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