Hawaii Travel Prep + what to pack when flying with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac

It is time for TRAVEL PREP! I will cover the know before you go for Hawaii travel AND what I had to pack and prepare for my daughter Raleigh (6) who has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac disease. I hope you enjoy! 🤙

0:00 REQUIRED for Travel to Hawaii (or you do a 10 day quarantine)
5:58 Flying with Type 1 Diabetes Prep
8:40 Mama needs a Starbucks break!
11:07 Mom Travel Pro Tip from Kate!
12:18 Did the kids pass their Covid test?! 😱
13:10 Last Day Emergency Purchase at TJ Maxx
16:23 What’s in My Suitcase?
20:08 Traveling with Insulin
21:02 WE DID IT! See you in LAX!


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Welcome to Super Cali Land! My name is Alyssa and my mission is to spread California Love one experience at a time! Super Cali Land is a place where everybody is a friend and together we will visit theme parks, travel, AND I will share honestly with you what it is like to be a Celiac/T1D mom to help spread awareness and make the world a kinder place. 💕
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