Hawaii Travel Restrictions 2022 – Updates

In this video, I have shared about Hawaii Travel Restrictions 2022. If you are planning for a Hawaii 2022 Journey then you need to take care of these rules.
As to prevent the spread of pandemics in Hawaii, the states have some rules.

To visit Hawaii and bypass quarantine you need to signup for a Hawaii Safe Travels account. Where you either have to upload your vaccination card or a negative covid test report 72 hours prior to your journey.

And tests are only accepted from Hawaii Travel Partners.

Till 2021 there was a mandatory quarantine of 10 days which as per the update of January 2022 has changed to 5 Days.

And if you are an international traveler then you need to show proof of vaccination which is accepted by the US Gov as well as a Covid negative report taken no more than 24 hours before your entry.

Apart form that Maui will consider people with booster shots as Vaccinated.

And consider airlines that provide Hawaii PreClear otherwise you may have to stand for hours in the line at the Hawaii Airport.

Some Important Info website

Hawaii Travel Info

Trusted travel partners

Accepted Vaccines in US

Other Info

Info for foreign travellers

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  2. If I have a layover in Miami and Los Angeles, do I need a covid test or just my complete vaccination card? Im not clear. Thanks

  3. Hi there! My family and I are traveling from New Hampshire going to to Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii end of Feb ‘22.

    We are all fully vax & boosted, do we still need to get covid tested 48-72 hours before flying out?

    I’ve signed up to the Hawaii travel website also to learn more about the exception form. Just wondering about the covid test and hoping you can help answer this question.

    Thank you kindly in advance !!!

  4. So you if you are fully vaccinated with the booster shot that is enough to be exempt from the five day quarantine? Or do you also need a negative test as well?

  5. Hi …Can I ask what covid test do we need …all the sites are super confusing one says the NAAT test others say Antigen
    Myfamily is coming from Toronto with a layover of 4 hours in Vegas then on to Kona
    Other family are direct from Canada to Kona…
    Please any info would be appreciated ,
    >love the video

  6. Thank you man, I'm Italian and currently in Kentucky, I want to go to Hawaii in February I have done all the vaccines in Italy (2 shots of Pfizer and 1 shot of Moderna Booster).
    And my Italian vaccination card is called "European Green Pass" do you think i can enter Hawaii?

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