Hawaii Travel Restrictions [UPDATED HAWAII 2021]

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Traveling to Hawaii 2021? Here are the latest Hawaii travel restrictions including how to avoid quarantine. We are covering the requirements for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. To avoid the quarantine, here’s what you need to know.

0:00 Intro
0:30 If You Are Vaccinated
2:24 When You Get to Hawaii
3:09 If You Are NOT Vaccinated
4:10 What Kind of Tests?
5:29 IMPORTANT Notes For Both
6:13 Resources for Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii Safe Travels Program –

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  1. I need help with figuring when to get my covid test. My flight is at 8am on a Saturday eastern time and I land in Hawaii 3:40 pm the same day. I know there's 6 hours time difference. So should I calculate the time difference to the 72 hours time period for my testing. I keep getting myself confused lol

  2. Iโ€™m traveling through delta and Iโ€™m vaccinated do I still need to take a test ? , Ik you didnโ€™t mention the test but Iโ€™m just making sure

  3. Can I register for HI safe travel and get my health form at anytime before my trip?
    So I really donโ€™t need to get a negative test done if I was to be vaccinated already right? just want to have a clarify answer that we donโ€™t need to get tested for negative if we were to be vaccinated . Thank you!

  4. First point is wrong. Your vaccine has to be on the list of trusted companies. Iโ€™m in Canada and have my first shot of the phizer vaccine by a trusted company so i will not have to isolate when i get to Hawaii once i get my second shot. I believe Japan is another place that is allowed to by pass the isolation as well. We still have to be tested no later then 72 hours before the flight and show negative results though.

  5. I clicked on the Hawaii Safe Travels Program and its asking me to fill out the Health Form now and my flight isnt till august so I can fill it out earlier than 24 hours than the flight?

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