Hawaii travel tips, 8 things you need to know!

Whether you’re finally taking that vacation of a lifetime, or you are moving here for good… Here are 8 things about the Island of Oahu that you need to know! My good friend Ty makes his first appearance on my channel to help set me straight.

For those that are sticklers for pronunciation!

Ocean safety, know before you go!


  1. I watch a ton of travel videos. I like to get the feel of a place before I go. This is by far my favorite so far. I started Oahu videos a little late because I didn’t know I was going. I can’t wait for the slower pace that I hope I find there. What do you think of the Polynesian Culture Center?

  2. Aloha, I was wondering if you could recommend how we could keep our valuables safe while visiting the beach? In this video, you say don't leave anything in the car and also provide a good explanation, however I've also been told not to take it with us to beach because it wouldn't be safe while husband and I are swimming. Please let me know what you think.

  3. Brilliant video. lots of fun and definitely highlights Oahu very well. Can implants such as us be allowed to use a little Pidgin? At the very least, allow a shaka when merging in traffic. πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been to Hawaii on March 9,2019 and it looks just like San Diego but the Polynesian shows we’re really fun πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ»

  5. Hahaha so funny AND helpful! πŸ˜€ "orange fingers and a car door!?" 🀣 I'm coming to visit Oahu in 3 weeks with my husband who's never been. It's been a very long time for me!

  6. On the topic of sunscreen… please wear it.. otherwise you give us locals a good laugh with a few β€˜ho da mainland lobsta’ jokes LOL

  7. Glad to see a travel tips youtuber that isn't some typical white guy/girl with an annoying voice and stroke inducing fake enthusiasm. I'm planning my first trip to the islands this autumn. I was born and raised in rural Missouri, aka Misery, and I moved to Las Vegas not long ago so that was my first ever travel experience. As a nature lover and culture study fanatic, I almost cried when I found out I'd be going to the islands. Now I'm a minimalist at heart so I am dreading the idea of being surrounded by, "howlies" and big hotels. I want to learn about the real culture and wildlife, and not be stuck in plastic cliche tiki bars surrounded by ass hats with spray tans.

  8. Aloha Great video – Thanks for these tips man ! Come visit my Video with the deepest Aloha I just made it took forever to edit lol

    tell me what you think

  9. 8 things to know about Hawaii
    #1 they hate main landers
    #2 everything is over priced
    #3 a monthly bus pass is $70 at any 7/11
    #4 no one is friendly
    #5 the weather is always nice
    #6 Hawaiian music playing everywhere
    #7 McDonald's are open 24/7
    #8 go to Hawaii at your own risk

  10. Word gets around our island pretty fast Mike. I understand from some here in Oahu that you and Ty are considered the most serious members of your families….hahaha…well, alright that of course might not be true. However, you guys did ruin my plan to be depressed today. It is hard to be depressed when I laughed at the great good nature of this video…keep the content coming…if I catch you guys around the island sometime, then we go get some grinds…

  11. Such a wholesome and good video and your humor is on point! thank you so much for the tips especially the language part!

  12. Headed that way, looking forward to scuba diving, going to go to reef pirates??? Anything local to must do, kinda regret if I don't. From Oklahoma, first vacation.

  13. I always heard of Hawaii being expensive and it was the most terrifying part of my upcoming move…
    Upon research it was a pleasant Revelation that it has the same cost of living as my hometown

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