Hawaii travel vlog 🌺 First time in Hawaii | 第一次去夏威夷

September 2021 // Traveling to Hawaii for the first time with my besties 和朋友們去夏威夷玩!

My first vlog ever! This was our first time visiting Hawaii (we went to Maui and Oahu) and we all loved this place so much so I wanted to vlog and share it 💛

我的第一支影片! 和朋友第一次去夏威夷玩, 去了Maui和Oahu
這裡的風景真的不可思議的美 🏞 食物也都超好吃 🤩 根本就是天堂 🙌
所以想拍個影片做紀念分享一下 🌴

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