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In this videos I share our travel experience to Hawaii

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Day 1:

Landing Day
Lahaina Town/Beach
Lahaina Banyan Tree Park and Street Shopping

Day 2:

Road to Hana

Must Stop
Kuloa Point Loop Trail
PipiWai Trail
Waimoku Falls
Kaihalulu Beach (Read Sand Beach)
Waianapanapa State Park (Black Sand Beach)
Makapipi Falls
Honomanu Bay

Day 3:
Local Beaches near Airbnb
Sunset Sail

Day 4
Kaanapali Beach — Snorkelling
Romatic Lunch locations
maui luau

Pack for Honulu early flight

Day 5

Landing in honolulu
Kailua Beach

Day 6
Pearl Harbor
Ko Olina Beach

Day 7
Local Food/shopping

The opinion in the video is completely based on my personal experience. All information, remedies, and products used in my videos are personally used by me. This video is made for news, education, entertainment, and general purposes only. This video is neither intended nor offended anyone.
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  1. I happen to see your accident vedio while i started to binge watch your vedios felt really bad and liked the way you bounced back with much more power. I didn't want to watch this though it came in the suggestions because I didn't feel good to watch this. But Dann this is very beautiful place indeed. Beautiful vedio.

  2. Hi jabeli mee dresses anni chalaa bagunnai especially the last white one 👌👌ekkada tesukunnaroo cheppagalara

  3. Way of shoot visualization very hassam ,no words ..thank you so much, in these trip i feel dangerous place is red sand beach ,remains superb 👌

  4. Hi Both,
    Beautiful love story 🥰👍
    My name is Lavanya, I am from CA. Mi videos Anni chusthu unta, mi pair bhagundhi.
    God bless your family 🥰!!

  5. Soo beautiful thanks for sharing. First I watched accident video then skin are now enjoyed Hawaii video. Ur name is soo pleasant like u 😊especially after watching accident video. Take care Jabili👍

  6. Hi liked your video very much…may i know which editing software do you use for making videos? where do you guys stay?? we are in Washington dc

  7. Typical Desi videos, home tour, unboxing, Sankranti festival..Pls stop these videos.These are quite rouitne and there are lakhs of videos of such.Kindly do some creative vidoes or knowledge sharing videos.Stop these routine content

  8. Hi Jabili, beautiful video.. could you pls provide details of drone and where did ur friend buy from ?Thanks for making us know the importance of drone photography! Thank you!

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