HAWAII TRAVEL VLOG 2021 | Kailua-Kona & Honolulu

Do they allow laughing in Hawaii? Or a low-ha? 🤣 🤙🏽

Mahola for tunning into this very special travel vlog all the way to 🛩 Hawaii! My family & I took a 9-day trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii where we explored both Kona and Honolulu! In this vlog, I take you all with me along the way, from the mandatory Covid-19 screenings all the way to the sandy Black-sand beaches of Punalu’u.

Sit back, relax & enjoy this Hawaii Vlog!

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◮ HAWAII TRAVEL VLOG 2021 | Kailua-Kona & Honolulu

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  1. I enjoyed your video…I get to the Islands quite often, but The Big Island (Kailua-Kona) is my favorite. As far as rain goes, it rains more on the Hilo side than the Kona side. Thats why there are more waterfalls and rain forest on the east side…It rains almost every day. I think that you were able to see the contrasting differences between the two islands though. All islands are good, but they all have their own vibe (Maui & Kauai)…Be sure to go again and try a different island…you cant go wrong! Mahalo, Victor

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