Hawaii Travel Vlog 2021 || Skydiving, Surfing, Koko Crater, & pandemic travel restrictions

I spent my New Years on the beautiful island of O’ahu in Hawaii, threw together some footage for a mini vlog, and sat down to spill the tea. Seems like all the coolest people are moving to Hawaii these days.. what an idea!
Stick around for the insider scoop on hawaii covid travels while still having an aesthetic trip to the island.

So I didn’t exactly plan or expect to go on a trip to Hawaii with the pandemic (c0r0n4v1ru5) raging in this day and age. However, after the opportunity arose and I did a bit of research it seemed that the land of Aloha~ was a viable option due to its strict travel restriction and Covid regulations. I had quite the experience with the Covid test itself but booking the actual tickets was a dream $99 babyyy 🙂
I went sky-diving for the first time at the highest drop point available in the US– yes I checked the earth is still round (take that flat-earthers). Tried surfing for the first time… and no I didn’t catch a single wave.

Things to do in Oahu: drive through Jurassic Park, hike Koko Crater (if you dare), check out Ala Moana (had quite the time at the lululemon), and so many beautiful beaches.

– Mahalo dear hawaii –

0:28 Getting to Hawaii (covid test, plane tickets, flight)
2:43 Skydiving Experience (Pacific Skydiving Center)
3:49 Surfing (or lack thereof)
6:28 New Years Eve
7:28 Hiking Koko Crater

Music by Jaylon Ashaun – Forever –