HAWAII TRAVEL VLOG 2021 | Traveling to Kauai Island, Skydiving, Beach Days, + More!

HAWAII TRAVEL VLOG 2021 | Traveling to Kauai Island, Skydiving, Beach Days, + More!

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In today’s video, I take you along on 3 days on the Kauai island, the first day we landed, we got settled in and got groceries, can’t forget the Costco haul. The next day, we kicked off the trip by going skydiving!! It was so much fun! The next few days of the vlog were mainly spent at the beach. We got so sunburned, and ate delicious food!! Don’t forget to subscribe to see my more content from our trip!

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  1. hi everyone!! thank you so much for watching my first Hawaii vlog, I hope you enjoyed the video! leave me a comment down below, what are you looking forward to this Summer?? ily guys❤️

  2. Hello Becca! Enjoyed your video so much! 😍. I am travelling to Kauai next week! Where did you rent your Jeep in Kauai? Thank you and be safe!

  3. Apple bananas aren't good until they are almost black. They look terrible but the inside is still firm.

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