1. Did you have to bring your passports? Like is it mandatory? Because Iā€™m flying to Oahu from San Diego and I just sent my passport in to get renewed so was wondering

  2. at the 1:13 mark, those passports you guys all showed were funny ! At the 4:26 mark, where you see tall grass after the gravel parking lot, this is where the movie, The Karate Kid II filmed their Okinawan village scenes…they cleared the grass and made a small village…and you could see Chinaman's Hat island in the background in a few scenes. Yes, chickens running freely after the 1992 Hurricane Iniki Category 4 hit Oahu and Kauai the most severe…chickens that were in coops of course were released intentionally and unintentionally, and they spawned…like rabbits…lol.

  3. Great video! Thanks for sharing, hope you are staying well!! Hawaii is such a paradise!!

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