Hawaii Travel Vlog – let's go overseas!!

Hey Guys!
I am back with my Hawaii travel vlog woo. It was soooo exciting to go overseas again hopefully you enjoy the vlog we had the best week with my auntie in Maui! Can’t wait for more travel vlogs pretty soon 🤭🤩

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Thanks for all the support you guys are the best 🙂 have a great week xx


  1. Aloha and congrats on getting to 1000 subs. Big moment. Love your energy and LOVE Hawaii. We are a brand new channel, a father son team of anthropologists and adventurers who will be visiting 136 countries in the next few years to promote our combined World Heritage and inspire people to travel and learn about our shared history and the wonderful cultures that make our planet so special. Our mission statement vlog comes out at 10am today. Please consider checking it out. https://studio.youtube.com/video/Z60acS6ERsE

  2. If you need more views i have a suggestion just do reaction videos. And you need to stop constantly playing with your beautiful blonde hair. It angers people with horrible hair aka bald people

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