Hawaii Travel Vlog | Solo Birthday Trip Feb 2021 | during covid-19 | Day 2 in Oahu | Byodo-In Temple

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This is day 2 of my solo birthday trip to Hawaii! I am Oahu staying at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Since it is right off the beach, I went out at 5:00 am to catch the sunrise. Then, got dressed and ate at the Rainbow Drive In. Left there and headed to the The Byodo-In Temple. It was beautiful. Even the drive over there. On the same side of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches, Lanikai. I stopped by there. Then went to pick up my childhood homie, Raya. We both ventured to the popular food truck stop that had Giovanni’s Shrimp truck.
After a delicious lunch, we went to the beautiful and fun Polynesian Cultural Center.

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I take you along with me to travel from Oakland to Waikiki, Hawaii! This trip was extremely COVID-19 safe and without minimizing my excursion selections. I only took one covid test prior and had to receive my test result prior to boarding on my flight to Hawaii. This is day 2 of my solo Hawaii travel vlog series! I hope you enjoy this vlog!

Where we went on day 2 in Oahu, HI:
– Sunrise on Waikiki Beach
– Breakfast: Rainbow Drive In
– Byodo-In Temple
– Beach: Lanikai Beach
– Lunch: Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck
– Activity: Polynesian Cultural Center

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  1. Doing a Solo trip next month too! Sometimes I feel self conscious eating dinner alone in trips, but I am happy your a fellow female solo too! We can do whatever we want Enjoy your time 😍

  2. Fun video! My husband and I obtained financial freedom recently, and the first thing we want to do now that travel restrictions are starting to be lifted a little bit more, is start traveling!!! I love travel vlogs in the meantime! Keep your videos coming! New subscriber here!

  3. Loved the vlog! 😄 You most definitely have to put out more content. The scene at 1:19 is my fav. You have to totally team up with Bad Friends. Theyre the funniest team of vloggers on the planet and they basically get turnt in every vid!

    Go check out their YT out and give them a subscribe! 👉 #YourBaddestFriends

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