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Kauai and Maui arguably are the two best of the Hawaiian islands. ‘This is Hawaii’ highlights the best of Kauai and Maui including the best stops from the Road to Hana and the Kauai’s Waimea canyon and the Napali Coast. This introductory video will show you Maui and Kauai from the perspectives of land, water and air. Join us as we soar through the clouds on a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour and witness the austere grandeur of Hawaii.
If you are looking for Ideas for Hawaii travel in 2022 this Hawaii cinematic travel video will highlight the best of Maui’s black sand beach and Kauai’s many ecosystems. “Hawaii has opened my mind to the beauty of life and has introduced me to so many amazing people and ideas.” -Sam Kolder aka Kold


  1. Such a breathtaking video capturing every angle in the most artistic way possible! Iโ€™ve never been to Hawaii but after watching this I feel like I have been! I canโ€™t wait for your next video!

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