Hawaii (USA) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Hawaii.
The Hawaiian Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and form the 50th state of the USA. In the south east of the island of O’Ahu, Honolulu is a modern town and the starting point for most journeys. It also contains the Iolani Palace – once the residence of King David Kalakana -a magnificent Victorian structure in the centre of Honolulu and the only royal palace in the United States. In Pearl Harbour, a museum commemorates the events of the seventh of December 1941 when most of the American Pacific fleet was destroyed by the Japanese. The valley of Nuuanu Pali is of great importance in Hawaiian history. It was here that a deciding battle took place, when King Kamehameh came from Maui and triumphantly drove the troops of the chief of Oahu into the mountains, the result of which formed the political union of the Hawaiian Islands. In winter, the world’s best surfers collect on Sunset Beach, attracted by spectacular waves, some of which reach as high as the tallest church steeples. On the island of Kaua’i, the Wailua is Hawaii’s only navigable river and it flows through some of the exciting locations which were used for Jurassic Park, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Blue Hawaii. Two volcanoes dominate the extraordinary island of Maui, which also features sandy beaches, green pastures, dense jungle and a bleak lunar-like landscape. On Waimea Beach in 1778, the English sea captain, James Cook, was the first European to set foot on Hawaiian territory. The Waimea Canyon was referred to by Mark Twain as ‘The Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, a massive gorge which has been carved out of the volcanic landscape by the Waimea River. From a Victorian style station there is the narrow-gauge Sugar Cane Train which travels through the once prolific sugar plantations of Kaanapali. Haleakale is the world’s largest dormant volcano with a crater as large as Manhattan. But nowhere else in the world can volcanoes be studied as safely as on Big Island in the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park The Hawaiian Islands…priceless pearls in the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. It's a visual delight guys , why do you always get stuck on the pronounciations ! This is supposed to be a fun trip not a TOEFL . Maybe you should watch the languages videos …

  2. Again, beautiful video job!
    1) 100% don't get the lei greeting–you pay extra for that. 2) Haleiwa (actually Hale'iwa) is pronounced hah-lay-EE-wah, or more Hawaiian = EE-vah. 3) The sarongs (Japanese) of Hawaii are called muumuus. 4) Again, there's a missing apostrophe–Nu'uanu (Pali) is
    new-oo-AH-new. 5) The first syllable of archipelago is pronounced "ark", not "arch". 6) Smith's on Kauai offers a wonderful luau. 7) Rather than oh-pie-KAH, Opaekaa is pronounced oh-pah-eh-KAH-ah. 8) You talked about surfing on the north coast of Maui, but what we actually saw was windsurfing. 9) Lahaina is actually la-HIGH-nah. 10) Haleakala is hah-lay-AH-kah-lah. 11) The Hawaiian festival–luau–is pronounced LOU-ow, not lou-OW. 12) Again, because of the apostrophes, Halema'uma'u is pronounced hah-lay-ma-oo-MA-oo. 13) Backing up to near the start of this video, totem poles are only found in NW Canada and Alaska, and have multiple faces stacked on top of each other. In Hawaii, there's usually only 1 face, and they're called tiki = TEA-key.

  3. Pronunciation is one thing but could you please get the history correct!!??

    Kamehameha did not move from Maui to Honolulu in 1840. He died in 1819!
    Kamehameha was not from Maui at all! He's from the big island of Hawai'i! That's why the islands were named the Hawaiian islands and not the Mauian or Oahuan islands. 1840??? No, in 1850 king Kamehameha III officially moved the capital to Honolulu…
    And yeah Hawaii is not and never has been the 50th state. There is no legal treaty of annexation AT ALL! Therefore statehood in 1959 also fake!

    I haven't even watched the rest yet…

  4. Life is so easy if you are visiting. Life is easy when you live here? Hell no. Any out of state people that thinks living in hawaii is easy will want to move back to where they came from unless youre lucky to be in the military. Rent is nearly or at $2000 and to buy a house here, ha i hope you one rich haole. $750,000 at least for a one/two room house.

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