Hawaiian Islands Vacation Travel Video Guide

Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands has developed into a lively city. In the heart of the city there’s a statue in honour of King Kamehama The Third who in 1840 moved his government residence from the island of Maui to Honolulu on Oahu, thus unifying the island kingdom. In later years the Victorian Iolani Palace became the new residence of those who ruled Hawaii. Hawaii wouldn’t be Hawaii if it were not for its world famous surfers when during the winter season the northern part of Oahu with its Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach is extremely popular with surfers. A total of a hundred and thirty two islands, atolls and reefs make up the island group of Hawaii. Only a twenty-minute flight from Oahu and Honolulu is the fourth largest island, ‘Garden Island’ or, Kauai. Like no other island in the archipelago, Kauai is full of contrast: while temperatures on the palm beaches are mostly summer-like, dry and warm, the interior of the island is one of the moistest regions in the world. Apart from pleasure boats it’s mainly canoes and kayaks that travel on the waters of the southern and northern sections of the Wailua River, an adventurous and also very popular way of exploring the interior of Kauai. Picturesque insights into the Hawaii of bygone times are provided in the small village of Kamokila, an original Hawaiian village that has been reconstructed in every detail. The Haleakala National Park contains the world’s greatest dormant volcano and the clear night skies of this unique region have made it ideal for the observation of stars and satellites. What could be better than to observe the colourful transformation of the landscape while lying on a beach surrounded by palm trees and falling under the spell of this enchanting island paradise? Aloha Hawaii!

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