Hawaii's Travel Restrictions in 2021- Watch this Before Traveling to Hawaii

In this video I will explain what we had to do to travel to Kauai, Hawaii in 2021 to avoid quarantining. The whole process isn’t as complicated as it may seem and I will share our experience traveling in 2021. Whats a NAAT test, where to get it and how to join the safe travel program. I will try to explain step by step with a few extra tips at the end of the video. If this video helped you in any way than please hit this thumb up and subscribe!

We had a chance to see the Garden Island in all of its glory, swimming by majestic waterfalls, hiking part of the Kalalau Trail, snorkeling by the Hawaiian reef near Poipu and flying in a helicopter over the breathtaking Napali Coast! . Let us know if you are planning to travel to Hawaii in 2021!!!

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Please, make sure to check out the travel restrictions before buying your ticket and before you travel as they might change frequently.


My name is Damian and I’m really passionate about photography and improving my video skills. My wife Kasia and I are a couple living in New Jersey with a travel bug inside us and a love for a good cup of coffee. We love to share some beautiful destinations with you.

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  1. We went to Oahu in July 2021 and the rental issue is the same. Good thing I decided to do guided tours but I booked it a month prior. It’s probably different now that kids just started to school… Mahalo and Aloha!🤙🏼

  2. Hi, thank you on info. Question…Was your AFC located in Ladera Ranch? I know you mentioned you paid $50 only, so was this paid after your insurance covered or just w/o any medical insurance coverage? I see many different places giving prices all the way $250 which I thought was too expensive to fly out. Also, how fast did you get your NAAT covid test?

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