Honolulu (Hawaii) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Honolulu in the Unites States of America.
Honolulu Airport is world famous for the novel way in which it welcomes its visitors. A sweetly scented floral chain is placed around the neck of all those who arrive and the friendly smiles of the local people are irresistible. Normal routine is cast aside and dreams become reality.

The Hawaiian Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean and make up the 50th state of the United States of America. The island of Oahu is situated in the centre of the archipelago. The modern city of Honolulu is the capital of both Oahu and all the other islands. It is also the starting point of numerous excursions.

King David Kalakaua had the Iolani Palace built, a magnificent Victorian structure situated in the centre of Honolulu and the only royal palace in the USA.

The Nu’uanu Pali Valley is of great importance in Hawaiian history. It was there that a decisive battle took place when King Kamehameh arrived from Maui and triumphantly drove the troops of the O´ahu chief into the mountains, a battle that gave rise to the political union of the Hawaiian Islands.

Close to Honolulu, Pearl Harbor was the scene of a major military tragedy. During an unexpected attack, practically the whole of the American Pacific fleet was bombed by the Japanese and destroyed. The attack on the U.S. naval base was the ultimate reason that the United States eventually took part in the Second World War.

In winter, the most dedicated surfers collect on Sunset Beach to experience the world’s most sought-after waves, some of which are as high as the tallest church steeples. Between Kawela Bay and Haleiwa, each winter the best surfers in the world meet for the Surfing World Championships.

‘Aloha!’ is Hawaii’s magical word. It means ‘Welcome’, ‘Good-Bye’ and also ‘Love’. Life is so simple in paradise!

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  1. Honolulu it's just a city it's like any other City one & half million people live there so crowded ninety-nine and a half percent foreigners… Hawaiian are just the minority … Waikiki is just a places
    were tourist goes to
    the hotels$$$ what you
    pay for you get..
    Lots of shops restaurants $$$ Aloha is just a word, to the workers in the hotel mostly foreigners…
    Ala moana shopping$$$
    Its OK.. the outskirts the restaurants are better and cheaper…just becareful like any places
    you go to?
    Go on tour or rent a car gas $$$ … There a lot of car and people just like any city..
    alot to see and good places to eat …Oahu dress like your at home..
    There's a lot of good beachs just becareful of
    your sarounding.
    Historical sites other than that it's okay..
    Try to get out of Waikiki as much as possible there's other places on Oahu the beach in Waikiki is okay but it's kind of funny I don't like the Beach…the water I think from the sun tan lotion and its murky?
    Other then that its OK?
    If you want to move here make sure you have a two-way ticket?? it's not an easy life you need to find a job and then a place to stay… other than that you be homeless if your not careful ..we have a homeless problem like any other state… don't want to be one of them?
    Hawaii is a nice place to visit to live here is expensive it's your choice…

  2. "Iolani palace is surrounded by grass and palm trees". Actually, it isn't. It's surrounded by ugly, hot, black asphalt and then there's some grass and tree's on the outside of that. It's too bad they didn't maintain what must have been a much more picturesque garden around the palace and put the parking lot on the outside of that.

    Great video though!

  3. "Captain Cook, whale hunter" – ? Kamehameha I "moved to Honolulu in 1840" (he died in 1819). "Eye-olani Palace" – ? "King Kalakana" – ? I gave up watching.

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