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Honolulu – This destination is ready to show you surf and sun as you’ve never seen before! Check out the incredible footage of this Hawaiian jewel to fuel your travel inspiration.

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Welcome to #Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital found on the island of Oahu. Whether you’re here to live the life of a beach bum or want to explore the city’s lush tropical surroundings, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on your Honolulu #vacation.

Hawaii had a pretty explosive inception—Diamond Head Crater, also called Leahi, started life as an active volcano. Don’t worry; it’s since gone dormant, which means you can climb to the rim and take in a truly brilliant view of the coast.

Head to the water and go paddleboarding or swimming; “Honolulu” means “sheltered bay,” and the beachfront here lives up to its name: It’s calm and sheltered year-round.

Honolulu #sightseeing must include a day at Pearl Harbor, and a #visit downtown to take in Honolulu’s history.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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0:48 – Bishop Museum
1:07 – Lē’ahi
1:26- Aloha Tower
1:49 – Ala Moana Beach Park
2:12 – King Kamehameha Statue
2:21 – Iolani Palace
2:38 – Kapi’olani Park
2:50 – Pearl Harbour
3:20 – Kailua Beach
3:32 – Downtown Honolulu


  1. I can't help but think of Star Trek and all the alien cultures they ran into on the Enterprise. Hawaii could have been a stop along the way !

  2. I hope Hilo will become larger and larger and then a big metropolis, made of Metro Rails, Skyscrapers, Hotels, An Airport, Tv and Radio Stations, Apartments, A station, condominiums, malls, Cemeteries, Churches, theme parks, shoppings, restaurants, cafes, Office buildings, schools, Cinemas, Live Venues, Arenas, and Stadiums. Its population will be 10 million because of a Fast growing population in the future. The big island of Hawaii will be the most populous island in hawaii, made of so-SO many metro rails except for the volcanoes, Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Kohala, Hualalai and Mauna Kea, that have a center river. Hilo will be the new capital of Hawaii because Honolulu will be not the largest city anymore. Big island of Hawaii will be a BIG, WHOLE, METROPOLIS-CITYFIED ISLAND! The park is Five Hawaiian Volcanoes Community. This is the Big island of Hawaii. It will have 70 million people.

  3. There's a lot of cool activities to do on this island such as surfing, body boarding, snorkeling, sight seeing, hiking, and camping.

  4. Just got back from Hawaii it is a very beautiful place and a must place to visit if its not on your bucket list then make space bc i highly recommend it👌🤙

  5. The first time I visit Honolulu, Hawaii I instantly fell inlove with the place. Just as the moment I arrived home, I booked for a second trip rightaway.🌺

  6. The entire world right now, we have 2021
    IN Hawai still now 2020 🤷‍♀️
    Happy New Year guys ❤️

  7. Best US state and one of the finest tourist destination in the World. Everything is amazing including food, stay, scenarios, history, relaxation and weather. Would go there again in the future ……..

  8. I'm from Scotland, UK. Been to USA several times. I'd love to visit Honolulu and the Hawaiin islands, overall.

  9. Shouldn't we go over the rock? I'm just kidding … I was just watching Moana and I'd love to see art in Hawaii

  10. we were in Honolulu last year and it's our first time and on the same day, a strong hurricane warning was announced and was on its way to Hawaii!

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