How to AVOID quarantine | Hawaii Travel Update Guide

Aloooha! Starting July 8th, 2021 Hawaii has updated our travel restrictions. We are now in Tier 5. What does that mean for you as a visitor. We explain fully in this video PLUS! We will show you step-by-step how to set up a new profile in the safe travels program and upload your Covid Vaccine Card to avoid 10-day quarantine.

Hawaii Safe Travel Website:
Avoid Quarantine In Hawaii:
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  1. Get video, I do have one question. My wife , sister in law & my 18 month old daughter will go with me . I added my daughter and added my vax card to the site today. But as for adding my wife & her sis. No luck. Do they need to create an account & add there own info themselves?

  2. Да не подтверждают они ни чего после загрузки. Неделю ждём, завтра вылетать – система не надежная. Половина знакомых были развёрнуты по прилету. Деньги и время потрачены! Если есть возможность – откажитесь от поездки.

  3. Thanks for the info, just pointing out you mentioned 15 days for full vaccination status but the official website says 14 days? — "Any traveler (including minors) who is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be eligible for the quarantine exception. Travelers are considered fully vaccinated on the 14th day for vaccines that require two shots or for vaccines that require only one shot"

  4. Irina,,,you did a great job explaining how to visit Hawaiian island….the information is clear and very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing this information that is so necessary….

  5. Our daughter is not vaccinated got COVID test did all of her paperwork and did the 24 hour health questionnaire got her q r code my question is she has a red x below the code is that normal until she checks in to the airport?

  6. 5:49 When they ask for "Name of Provider (Health care provider)", I'm pretty sure they mean which hospital/medical facility was supervising the injections that you received, and not the drug company of the vaccine you received, which they ask for at 6:06.

  7. Hi thanks so much for this video, super helpful! My husband and I (and our baby boy :)) will be moving to Honolulu soon. We got vaccinated in Europe thus we have the EU Digital Covid card. Can this be uploaded/accepted in Hawaii's safe travel site? I see the State field for example, which is not applicable for us, is a required field.

  8. Hi love the information! Thank you 😊!! So there are 3 types of test for kids. Which one do I choose? Walgreens gives free covid test but doesn't provide QR code, do we need it? Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you so much for the video , this part of uploading has been confusing for me and my tiny flip phone. But after watching your video i think it will be a little easier for me to understand when the time comes, which is NOW. I guess i can use a print out of the QR code for verification. Thank you again…Mahalo and Shaka ( Stay Healty and Keep Alive ) 🙂

  10. Hi Irina! Some of my family and myself is scheduled to meet up in a week in Oahu. One of my niece thinks that she has made a mistake entering one number of her vaccination date.

  11. I got the QR but my question is: we are going to 3 different islands ( 3 different hotel 2 more planes)they did not give me the option to add more addresses. Is that Qr enough?

  12. Hi. Quick question. I do not have my original COVID-19 Vaccine card. I lost it, unfortunately. But I have a digital card because I got my vaccine through my employer. I am planning on coming to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. Do you think that a printout of a digital card would be enough? It has all the information on it- lot number, my name, date of birth, date, clinic site? Thank you!

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