How to Complete Hawaii’s Travel Testing and Avoid Quarantine Restrictions

Specific tips on how to do Hawaii COVID pre-travel testing for travel. Learn from our experience and our most recent trip in November when we traveled to Hawaii and avoided the 14-day quarantine.

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The Main Points in this Video are:
* Register Travel.Hawaii.Gov
* Find a Vendor
* Schedule the Test as Early as Possible within the 72 hour window

If you are considering taking a trip to Hawaii and worried about the testing and process to get there, do not let any of that discourage you from going. It is possible. The process might appear a little confusing, but these tips should help you out.

Remember! Don’t board that plane without results from your test.
Most people are concerned with the timeline for testing because you need to take a test within 72 hours of your departure. This is worrisome because it can take a couple of days to get your test results back. If you board the airplane without test results, Hawaii will automatically put you on quarantine even if you get a negative result after you land in Hawaii.

Have a great trip to Hawaii!


  1. In an ideal world you could push your trip out another day if your test results haven't come in yet but that doesn't work if it puts you past the 72 hour window from the time you got your test done.

  2. Help! 😩😩😩. What if I’m flying on a wed at 8am. When do I go test. The Sunday before at 9am?
    I’m in pacific standard time. Does that make a difference w the time diff in Hawaii?

  3. So we have a flight to oAhu from Orlando June 30th (on a wednesday). What specific day would you recommend we should get our Covid test to avoid going over the 72 hours since there may be a delay due to the weekend? Thank you!

  4. Calling the Hawaii health department today but this is something I’m super confused on. If I am from maryland (EST time zone) and my second / final flight departs from LAX (PST time zone) @6:35pm PST do I make sure I get my test after 6:35pm on the third day (in md) or so I take it anytime after 11:35pm. Everything else makes sense to me but this one thing is confusing me😂😂

  5. If traveling to Hawaii, do yourself a favor and look for a clinic on the Hawaii “trusted health partners” list which will perform the sample testing on premises and you can verify with that clinic that they do the test needed to travel to Hawaii. We initially used cvs and it’s now the day before our flight and they have issued no results yet (after 48 hours!) so for peace of mind (at the last minute a friend recommended an AFC Clinic across town that give’s you swab results in 15 minutes for $175…a bit more than CVS but small price to pay for peace of mind…

  6. This is honestly so complicated for me or its just my adhd 😆
    well great video and veryinformative but we can’t wait till we can go to hawaii and not do all this covid testing! 🙂 have a good one

  7. Appreciate the content and just curious if you know the answer to this, but if I take a flight from Texas to La to Hawaii do I have to also get tested in La or does it not matter as long it’s 72 hours before my flight to Hawaii?

  8. Hi, Which of these tests at Walgreens is the one needed for travel to Hawaii? thanks
    * Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR)
    * Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW)
    * Rapid Antigen Test (BinaxNOW)

    and, how much did you have to pay at Walgreens for the test?

  9. You conveniently left out what to do when a flight leaves on Tuesday at 6pm or the fact that changing your flight also involves the difference in the price of the ticket. Peoples kids trying to give real life advice

  10. Hi, I’m traveling to Honolulu in June. I’m doing Walgreens as well. My only confusion is what each leg of the trip means. We’re flying from Baltimore to Houston first, and then to Honolulu. On the website, it says for each leg of the trip, but I don’t know what this means. Does it mean that I need to upload my results for Baltimore to Houston, and Houston to Honolulu?

  11. Flying to Hawaii on Southwest 9:50 AM on March 16 testing on Saturday, March 13 at 1130 just found out that day is daylight savings time talk about cutting it close hope to get my results back in time and there is no delay on the flight

  12. Update Feb 14th: Has ANYTHING Changed? I know Gov Ige is talking about those vaccinated with BOTH shots might be able to forgo some of the tests in the future? My parents have never been to Hawaii and I'm dreaming of sending them there in AUGUST or SEPTEMBER. Should I book now or wait until the future! thanks!

  13. Whats the problem w accepting FDA approved CPR test? Why it has to be from a short list of approved partners? And the fact that they have a fine print on their website saying *participation may vary **through an agreement with the City and County of Honolulu sketchy

  14. Is it true your covid test results have to have the state of Hawaii seal on it? I got my test from Labcorp/Walgreens as well and it doesn't have the states seal on it so I'm a bit worried. Did yours have the seal or were your results accepted without it?

  15. I'm not sure if you can answer this or not but my wallgreens sell out of covid test almost immediately in my residence state if I have to can I drive to the next state over and take it? Will Hawaii approve it even though its not my residence?

  16. Hi, I was confused bc I talked to someone over at united airlines bc thats who I'll be flying with to honolulu. They told me the test needs to be taken within 72 hours of departure. She dismissed when I asked her about the last leg of our flight. I have a layover. So does the 72 hour start at my first departure or at the departure from my layover? Hope that made sense.

  17. great video very informative!! One question you think If I don't have my results prior to departure by know they will be emailed while on the fight I can upload it while landing in Hawaii? to avoid quarantine

  18. I understand what you said sir but I’m not sure that would work because if you push out your travel by one day it’s no longer within 72 hours Of the travel. I’m not sure but it might be bad information just thought you might want to clarify because if you push out your plane ticket by one day and you had your test done 71 hours before it’s no longer within the time allowed

  19. Hawaii is on a different time zone and I am at CT Texas time zone , I can use or do the timings in all CT time zone and I have to start 3 days or 72 hours of my actual second flight heading into Hawaii, right?

    Example: Flight actually heading to Hawaii is 5:00 PM CT on a Friday- so it is best that I do the test Tuesday 6:00 PM CT Tuesday (or within 72 hours before that flight)?

    Or should I just the time them all within Hawaii time zones which should result to the same thing if I do it all in CT time zones? I’ve watched a vlog with a family who missed the 72 hours requirement because their Walgreens screwed up the timing on their COVID-19 test results report and because of that they have to reschedule their trip the next day and took another rapid test in Seattle (free via Alaska Airlines).

    Lastly, if I will get the test results in less than 24 hours when should I get the testing done?

    Thank you. I have been to HNL or Honolulu/Oahu area multiple times (with the last one last year December- and I have time or thinking about doing it again).

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