Traveling to Oahu? This is how you travel around the incredible Hawaiian island. Thanks to Skype for partnering with me on this video, and to all of you for submitting your suggestions on things for me to see and do via my Skype bot (

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Yesterday’s video – The Flying Dog

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Feb, 2018


  1. Just an FYI if you are going to do a Hawaii Travel Guide please do a better one this one was full of faux pas such as the Hula (it was not done properly and done in a way only for the video which is disrespectful, also you technically can't be a Hawaiian since you are not Native to Hawaii, 3 please learn to pronounce the words better before saying them (as again it is disrespectful to the Hawaiians and their culture).

  2. Haleiwa is pronounced Hah-lay-Eee-Vah & translates to House of the Iwa (Eee-Vah) or Frigate bird. Ehukai is pronounced Ay-Hoo-Kye & translates to Red Ocean water.

  3. lowkey just went to the ehukai pillboxes yesterday. This quarantine be killing me so the hike was nice. Local btw

  4. Also just wanted to tell you that you guys a rare treat at that ukulele shop. That guy is one of the best ukulele players on the island, and the company I used to work for (Kala brand music) was a heavy supplier for HMS. The model ukulele you got is a KA-S right? Lol!

  5. Brah itโ€™s pronounced Eh-who-kai not the way she said it… you need real locals to teach and show you guys around. Consider us a friend!

  6. If u like eat fresh sea food you need to hit up monarch seafood in Kalihi, or fresh catch in kaimuki… also for poke hit up foodland stores, you wonโ€™t be sorry!

  7. You included Ono for Poke! Truly a great rec. We go there every time in Oahu. You just gained my trust on food rec's. Now I see, you don't care as much about sponsors for food, just great rec's

  8. are you using a lapel mic for when you cut to the scenes of you vlogging? wondering how you get the sound to be so focused on your voice

  9. One tip for anyone going here don't shop at Walmart. I was there in January and my backpack was stolen from a combination lock locker at Walmart. Staff and security guys were useless. Shop at the ABC Stores there. There really good and have some good bargains. Walmart did nothing to help me at all.

  10. what is the name of the water where you went snorkelling it looks beautiful and i definitely want to go there when i visit in march

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