Is Costco Hawaii travel a good deal?

00:00 – Is Costco Hawaii travel a good deal?
00:41 – Are Costco travel packages a good deal?
01:16 – What is the Costco discount on rental cars?

Laura S. Harris (2021, April 24.) Is Costco Hawaii travel a good deal?


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  1. No it’s not a good deal.we were going to Hawaii when the China virus hit and it caused us to cancel. When things cooled down and we rebooked the trip the virus got bad again and Hawaii was not really inviting with the governor saying to stay away we cancelled again. Our problem is United airlines keeps our money and gives us a voucher. How about giving our money back. Costco was no help in this at all and as a matter of fact they just gave us a credit on our credit card instead of issuing us a refund. Disappointed with Costco travel is an understatement

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