Is Waikiki HAWAII’s BIGGEST Tourist Trap? (Honolulu Travel Tips)

Is the Waikiki Strip a Tourist Trap or Paradise? We explore this area of Honolulu with NO PLANS!

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Jaycation returns to Oahu and explores the Waikiki Strip! Find out how much hotels, flights, shuttles and more cost for a trip to what many consider paradise!

Do you think the Waikiki Strip is a Tourist Trap or just an expensive Paradise or a mix of both? COMMENT BELOW!

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  1. All Waikiki strip hotels charge high resort fees. Even the hotels on beach side charge for beach chairs extra on top of resort fees. They get your money out of you hot sure. But it’s paradise there so can’t complain

  2. Yes, Beware, Hawaii is a trap, do not come! lol jk Just don't forget to leave…lol When you coming back? Try the Queen Kapiolani Hotel next door. Marukame is my favorite, no parking and long lines though

  3. There are nicer and cheaper hotels in Waikiki, you’re too far out and paid a lot. I’ve stayed at Sheraton Princess and Waikiki Resort Hotel for less than $120, with resort fees included.

  4. NICE VIDEO !!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END. Nevertheless business and investment are the best way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the Oval Office.

  5. Park Shore hotel was the first hotel I stayed at the very first time I went to Hawaii in 1969. Saw the Carrier USS Hornet bringing back the Apollo 11 Astronauts to Pearl. Lived there the best 7 years of my life!!!🤙

  6. A real good deal if you're due for a trip to paradise ! Great job, Jay sharing this trip. Book soon Mid Michigan !😎🍊🌺🌊🏖️

  7. Once you arrive in Waikiki you don't really need a car unless going to North Shore, which to me is a must. Diamond Head is close, as is the Ala Moana Mall, Zoo, Golf Course, and Kapiolani Park.Yes it is a bit pricey and a bit touristy but if your looking for a place to chill and relax and not drive through traffic every day, Waikiki is great. If you want to eat cheaper get plate lunches. And don't forget everybodys favourites McDonalds, and Jack in the box. Not to mention the actually Beach.

  8. No magnum PI scene locations? I would like to visit that island. I would stay in that hotel. I like that price and I could use my chase points. Lol. Hope you’re doing great. Can you believe the chargers won last night. 🙉

  9. I have stayed twice at Queen Kapiolani hotel ..great service, great people and walking distance to the beach! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  10. Great video and tips.
    Have always wanted to go to Hawaii and now I have more ideas of where to go, stay and eat.
    Glad you had a great time!

  11. YES IT IS… I only once stay in Waikiki and at that time I said never again, North Shore I rent a house through VRBO. Then the crime has gone up so high in the last ten years in Oahu also so much traffic it is like I'm on the main land ,so I take my money over to Maui or Kawaii .

  12. Resort fee. Ouch! Wasn't aware, but will be. Those mugs looked so cute. Growing up loved the zoo and aquarium. Good to know about Roberts Shuttle, mopeds and 3 wheelers.

  13. No need to automatically buy bottled water.. Tap water is fine and delicious with no bottle aftertaste or strong chlorinated taste.

    Take it from a local born and raised over 60 years on Oahu island. Water that come from the tap has been filtered over 30 years as it falls from the sky and goes through volcanic rocks.

  14. I lived there for months and stayed at Ilima Hotel within walking distance to the beach, my transportation was the bus which took me everywhere. Made many rounds around the island. The east to Kuloa Ranch to North Beach are just to awesome to miss, mahalo everyone..

  15. I use Southwest when flying between islands. Much cheaper. But flying back and forth from San Diego to Hawaii, use Hawaiian Airlines.

  16. Yeah, Waikiki is definitely a tourist trap. Whenever I go to Oahu, I avoid Waikiki altogether unless we’re going to the beach. Parking sucks and it’s way too crowded. On your next trip to Oahu, try going to places that’s outside of Waikiki. One suggestion is Kualoa Ranch on the east side of the island – you can probably do like 10+ videos on that one property alone.

  17. Heyyy Aloha Jaycation, I live on the Windward side of Oahu in Kane’ohe 🤙🏼 I always thought the ABC stores was short for All.Blocks.Covered lol

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