Kauai (Hawaii) | Most beautiful island in the world

Join me on a tour of Kauai, Hawaii, the most spectacular island on earth.

Kauai is draped in emerald valleys, sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs. Sculpted by nature for millions of years, the island’s epic beauty is epitomized by the Napali Coast – 14 miles (22 km) of sea cliffs ascending 3,000 feet (900 m) above untamed shoreline – and the spectacular Waimea Canyon, the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’.

Kauai’s undisturbed beauty and spectacular scenery have drawn Hollywood film producers since the early ’30s. Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Outbreak, South Pacific, Lost, Avatar, King Kong, and Pirates of the Caribbean were all filmed here.

Top 10 best things to see & do in Kauai:

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  1. Those alien species of plants, the Indian Pine, really ruin the island beach scenery. Is there any community effort to get rid of them and plant back native plants along the dunes they once destroyed with these alien plants?

  2. The tallest Mountain on Earth – Hawaii – from the lost Continent of Mu Lemuria – to be visited by All and to Live by Invitation by the Island Spirit – May your Beauty & Magic live Forever – Blessed It Be.

  3. You make the best travel vlogs!. Its informative, entertaining and relaxing all at the same time! Well done! & Thank you!!:)

  4. By the way I did watch your Covid-19 video I wish you well and it was your experience! I enjoy hearing people over come COVID-19!!

  5. Your meticulous and refined work, takes my breath away. The beautiful scenery, Tony Anderson's music, the high quality camera work. Everything, just raises the bar, to all time high standards. Well done and thank you. Keep safe and keep up the wonderful work sir.

  6. I'm surprised you made to the top of the trail if we take into account the fact that you had COVID19
    Or maybe it was after the visit to the island?
    Nonetheless astonishing views 🤩

  7. The somber bush morally fool because twilight computationally irritate beyond a disgusted fiction. special, spiffy talk

  8. Do you think you could do a hotel review of hotels in Washington dc, or review this hotel in Virginia called Salamander resorts & spa, I believe to me it's the only Black owned hotel in america.

  9. Please take out the section on queens bath. So many have died there. Also perhaps show how people who come can help…volunteer…or bring an intention. Each place you visit is so much more than the beauty you depict so amazingly well….like people…like you and me. I love this video…i hope you are doing well.

  10. Legend has it that luxury travel expert travels with his own flock of birds that chirp in the background while he films these videos. Be it Madagascar, Maldives or Hawai.

  11. The only place my parents took me when i was a child was to my grandmas place ))) Good to see these kids living the life)))

  12. This special mystical Island is alive. The actual Island itself is really alive. I have experience it for myself. The local Islanders has confirmed it.. So magical a place like no other so sacred..

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